Career Services

ECU Career Services provide students with resources, programs and services to assist them before and after graduation.

Career Services, more important than ever before! 

As Director of Career Services for East Carolina University, I’m often asked about when students should use ECU Career Services and how we help students. The answer I typically give is, "now is the time." Whether a student is in their first year and trying to find a career direction, a sophomore or junior looking for internship opportunities or a senior preparing to graduate and searching for full-time employment; Career Services can help! According to a recent Gallup study, graduates who visited career services at least once during their time in college were almost 20% more likely to be employed full time after college compared to those who did not. 

ECU Career Services has a wide range of services, programs and resources available. Through one-on-one career counseling, virtual services and a vast amount of online career resources; ECU students and alumni can directly increase the opportunities available to them before and after graduation.

Here are three reasons ECU students should be using Career Services: 

One, experts in your career development and career counseling. ECU Career Services operates on a liaison model which means that each career counselor works with students from specific colleges to customize services and programs to meet the diverse career needs of academic disciplines. These career experts are familiar with hiring employers, best practices and the skills graduates need to secure employment within different industries. Career Counselors assist students in exploring career interests and provide career assessments to help students choose a graduate program or create clear goals. 

Two, exclusive resources are available only to ECU students. In addition to one-on-one career counseling help, ECU Career Services provides a wide array of online technologies to connect students to career opportunities. Many of these resources are subscription based, meaning only ECU students and alumni can access them. Handshake is a job database for ECU students and alumni that hosts all internships, part-time and fulltime job opportunities, listings of upcoming events including job fairs, on campus interviews and thousands of employer contacts. Handshake averages over 5,000 job and internship postings available at any time. 

Three, 24/7 accessibility. Even though ECU Career Services operates during normal business hours of Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with virtual drop-ins available from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., many of the services and resources available through our website can be utilized at any time. Career Services offers a virtual resume review that can be accessed through Handshake and allows students to receive feedback virtually without scheduling an appointment or attending drop-ins.

Also included on our website are free preparation resources like Interview Stream, which helps students build customized practice interviews, record responses using a webcam or tablet, then review or share their interview for feedback. Finally, Career Services hosts several sample resumes listed by academic discipline to help display ideal format, experiences, and overall structure to resume writing through examples. 

The most common feedback we receive from students is that they “wish they would have used Career Services sooner.” I can’t stress it enough, do not wait, take advantage of our resources and services today! 

For more information on how ECU Career Services can help you achieve your career goals, visit

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