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Molly’s Cafe will host a Murder Mystery themed dinner this Saturday in part with The Gamer’s Tomb.

Molly’s Community Cafe, located at 300 Evans St., and The The Gamers Tomb game store, located at 1005 Hamilton Dr., will collaborate to host their first Murder Mystery Night on Nov. 7 at 7 p.m.

Tickets for the event can be purchased at either Molly’s Community Cafe or The The Gamers Tomb for $50 each with light appetizers, dinner and dessert included, according to The The Gamers Tomb’s Facebook page. The event will take place inside Molly’s dining area.

Jimmy Williams is the co-owner of Molly’s Community Cafe and will be part of the serving staff for the Murder Mystery dinner. He said The Gamers Tomb asked to do a pop-up dinner with Molly’s and he was more than happy to accept the offer.

“We have been, you know trying to promote doing pop up dinners for various people and we are pretty excited about the fact that this will be kind of a interactive thing that is different then any of the other dinners that we had; this is going to be kind of a different little event that actually gets people kind of included and active,” Williams said.

Molly’s does regular pop-up dinners where they collaborate with other chefs and and rather than a murder mystery, their regular pop-up dinners would usually just include a special chef serving food from a different menu, according to Williams. He said since he knows one of the owners of The The Gamers Tomb personally and may plan to do events like this with them in the future if it goes well.

Williams said Molly’s will do its best to adhere to safety precautions due to COVID-19. He said there will be sanitization stations and customers will be required to wear masks while they move around the cafe.

“This is one of the things we really want to do. We want to partner with other businesses and other chefs and do as many pop up dinners to kind of give the community an opportunity of very varied experiences,” Williams said.

Leslie Spain is the co-owner of The Gamers Tomb gaming store. She will help run the Murder Mystery event at Molly’s Community Cafe. Spain said she loves murder mysteries and has participated in many before hosting her own.

Spain said the mystery scenario will be about a director who has opened a new film and is murdered at a party that he throws. She said the goal of the night is to find out who committed the murder and exactly how they did it.

“You are going to have a card that will tell you all of your back story, it’s going to tell you what your name is, how you know the director, why you were invited and everybody there has a reason to murder him, so it’s going to tell you that reason and you’re going to get a second card that tells you if you are guilty or not guilty,” Spain said.

One of the things that will make the mystery exciting is the fact that everybody has a type of motive, according to Spain. She said she finds it thrilling working together to solve the mystery.

Spain said it is great seeing how people react and if they keep a clear head. She said she loves the mystery aspect of the event seeing whether or not the person who is picked is innocent.

“According to how this one turns out we will try to do them (murder mysteries) at least once a month; some months we might not do it because you know holidays and stuff like that or even during the summer when a lot of the students are not in town we may not do it as often just because we will not have our customer base,” Spain said.

The main audience or customer base of the murder mystery would be anyone who just loves a good mystery, Spain said. She said it can be anybody whether they are a teenager, an adult or even someone considered elderly but it is important for them to love a good mystery and want to solve it.

Spain said that she plans to follow safety precautions because of COVID-19. Adding to the earlier points made by Williams, she said that all tables will be six feet apart and the limit of the event will be 10 people to assure that there is plenty of space for people to spread out.

“The goal is probably just to bring people together and it’s always good to meet new people and just to have fun; that's the goal for anything that we do at the The Gamers Tomb is to have fun,” Spain said.

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