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Dear Editor,

At East Carolina University we prioritize the success of every student and support their achievement of educational goals in and out of the classroom. In my role as director of the Pirate Academic Success Center, I have the privilege of leading a professional and student staff dedicated to student success. PASC offers services that are personalized, adaptive and change with the needs of current ECU students.

If I was asked to describe the characteristics of a successful student, my description would include someone who proactively seeks to gain greater meaning and understanding from the classroom and adjusts their study approaches to fit the demands of each course. As a student, you can embrace a similar mindset to your studies and transform your classroom learning experience.

Each of us learns differently, we process information differently and have unique learning preferences. A key to being a successful student is in your ability to creatively modify the information you take from the classroom to better fit your own learning process. Personalized learning strategies empower you as a student and support your understanding of class materials.

Personalized learning strategies include using campus resources to fit your learning needs. It is being proactive, engaging with learning resources like tutoring or academic coaching at the PASC, visiting the University Writing Center, meeting with faculty during office hours, or utilizing library resources. You can own your learning experience by connecting with resources to help you adapt course materials to your learning process.

Some students support their learning success through campus employment. They work or volunteer in campus jobs that reinforce classroom learning. It is the Sociology major who tutors and in the helping of other students gains a greater understanding of their discipline. It is the peer success coach who mentors and gains insights into their own learning styles and strategies. It is the study group leader pursuing dental or medical school who leads a study group and strengthens their own ability to communicate with diverse groups of students. I encourage you to seek out employment and volunteer opportunities on campus.

As an ECU student you have the power to own your educational experience. Recognize your success isn’t achieved alone, in fact, there are fellow students, faculty and staff who want to help. Seek out the assistance of campus resources and staff who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Be open to implementing new strategies and approaches to succeed in each course you take. Tap into resources like the PASC to improve your grade performance. Consider the role volunteering or campus employment can play in supporting your educational goals.

The Pirate Academic Success Center offers free tutoring and academic coaching services. To make an appointment go to ecu.accudemia.net, call 737-3009 or stop by the center located in the north wing of the Old Cafeteria Complex. PASC is open Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm daily. For a comprehensive list of PASC services visit the PASC website at pasc.ecu.edu.

Dr. Elizabeth Coghill, Director, Pirate Academic Success Center

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