East Carolina University Police, as well as Greenville Police Department proactive approach to policing, is beneficial to the Greenville community as they seek to lower crime rates in the city.

The East Carolina University Police Department (ECU PD) and the Greenville Police Department (GPD) continue to ensure the members of the community are protected and safe by taking preventative and reactive measures when tackling crime with initiatives like the Gang Unit that promote safety.

GPD Communication Officer Kristen Hunter said the GPD takes gang activity seriously and has a Gang Unit with six GPD police officers who actively patrol the the City of Greenville for gang members who come from various parts of Pitt County.

ECU PD works closely with GPD to patrol areas such as uptown, apartment complexes and other neighborhoods located around the ECU campus. ECU PD sends ECU Alerts to students to alert them of on and off-campus crimes as part of the Clery Act as a way to keep students aware of their surroundings.

ECU PD and GPD also look at past crime statistics and research patterns in order to highlight specific areas in the Greenville community with high crime rates and gang activity. The police, with this knowledge, can be more proactive in fighting crime.

We, the editorial staff of The East Carolinian, feel that both GPD and ECU PD’s dedication to taking steps to reduce crime in Greenville should not go unnoticed. We think both police departments have and will continue to be proactive to ensure the safety of those living in Greenville.

ECU PD and GPD are continuing to do the best they can to make sure the law enforcement has a strong relationship with its community by encouraging them to share information with local law enforcement to help protect Greenville. Community members can download LiveSafe, a phone application, which sends alerts to their phone on critical information that needs to be shared in the community.

Both police departments have to also be able to adapt with the city as it continues to grow, and both seem to be aware of this and continue to use their resources effectively. Through adaptability and awareness of the city, the police can continue to try and reduce overall crime.

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