Fatal Affair

Fatal Affairs sits at number five on the Netflix top U.S. Today chart.


Netflix movie “Fatal Affair,” which was released on July 16, tells the same story of the 1987 thriller “Fatal Attraction” just switched the genders and race. The movie delivers an overdone storyline.

According to its description on Netflix, “Fatal Affair” is described as “suspenseful.” The movie is listed in the thriller movies and psychological thrillers genres.

The film was directed and written by Peter Sullivan. Other writers include Jeffery Schenck and Rasheeda Garner. The film’s producers are Barry Barnholtz, Nia Long, Brian Nolan and Jeffery Schenck.

Several positive notes taken from the movie were production and quality. The acting was believable and done well, the soundtrack for the movie was fitting, the scenery shots of the beach and city are beautifully shot and the settings match the movie’s tone.

Nia Long stars in the movie and plays Ellie Warren, a wife, mother and lawyer who just recently moved out of the city into a beach house located in Oceancrest, Malibu, California, with her husband Marcus Warren (Stephen Bishop), an architect. Ellie leaves her firm to start her own firm. At the beginning of the movie Ellie and Marcus’s life seems like they are living the dream.Their daughter, Brittany Warren (Aubrey Cleland), is in college and visits home from college for fall break.

The movie begins with the murder of David Hammond’s (Omar Epps) ex-wife Deborah Lee (KJ Smith), which is later confirmed that David killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend. Their killings were thought to be because of a home invasion. The shot of Marcus laying in bed focuses on a shoulder injury and it is later explained that he was in an accident. He had to go through physical therapy and it seems that may have caused a strain on Marcus and Ellie’s marriage. Ellie and Marcus have been together since college and taking caring of their daughter and busy careers.

The next scene is of Ellie and her friend Courtney (Maya Stojan) talking about Ellie’s new house and Ellie hints that she is not satisfied in her marriage. Then Ellie is at work and David sees Ellie. He was recently hired as a technical consultant and he mentions that he can hack into anything. They were friends in college 20 years ago and it is clear that he is attracted to her.

While Ellie is having dinner with Marcus that night, it is clear that she is not satisfied with Marcus and she seems bored. While at work, David asks Ellie to go out later to catch up but she has plans to go to happy hour with her friend Courtney so she invites David to join them.

While at work, the chemistry between Ellie and David is clear. Courtney cancels on plans to go out that night so Ellie and David go out to dinner together and they catch up to question why they never dated. At dinner, Ellie said she has the perfect life “but you know, one day you wake up 20 years later and you realize the person sleeping next to you feels like a complete stranger.”

This mistake, because David played into her unhappiness and took the opportunity to come on to her because he knew she wasn’t happy. Things get heated between them and they end up making out in the restaurant’s/club bathroom.

Ellie stops the affair from going any further and goes home. She realizes that she needed something different and not the same routine and that she loved her husband. The spark seems to be ignited in her marriage and everything seems fine. The scenes that show Ellie’s marriage getting better shows the old lesson of the grass is not greener on the other side. Through these scenes the movie is explaining that after a long marriage it is important to keep the spark in the relationship. It shows how important it is to communicate with your partner if you are not happy and to figure out how to fix the issue you have together. Which is the overall lesson in the movie.

David on the other hand becomes obsessed and aggressive and thinks he and Ellie are meant to be together. He starts to constantly call and text her. He shows up out of the blue to talk to her and tries to ask her out again.

As Ellie’s marriage is doing better, the movie takes a slower pace when David visits his therapist Dr. Leigh Beverly (Fredella Calloway). During the therapy session his ex-wife is brought up and he is visibly bothered and the therapist mentions he was sent to her because of court-ordered anger management.

The only unpredictable scene in the movie was when Ellie invites her friend Courtney over for dinner and she brings along David who she has started dating. David acts like he doesn’t know Ellie and the dinner is very awkward for Ellie. While in the kitchen alone with David, Ellie asks him to come up with an excuse to leave and to never come around her or her family again. David gets angry and the cat and mouse chase begins.

The plot thickens and the movie gets creepy and suspenseful as David stalks Ellie and her family. He records them and he threatens to send the video of himself and Ellie dancing to her husband. Ellie stalks David and looks for information about him. David kills a few people and injures Courtney. Ellie finds Courtney injured in her apartment, then the police start to look for David.

On the news David’s therapist said he is a textbook example of narcissistic personality disorder. David gets Ellie out of her house and he holds Marcus and their daughter Brittany hostage. Ellie and her husband fight for their lives and David falls off a cliff to his death.

The movie ends with Brittany leaving to go back to college and Ellie and Marcus put their house up for sale.

The writing and directing were done well but the movie was fast paced. There were not many scenes of Ellie working and flashbacks of David and his ex-wife would have slowed the pace of the story. The movie was rated TV-14 for sex and language.

Rating: 4/5

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