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An employee at Over the Top Sweet Shop prepares a dessert for a customer. 

A new confectionery shop named Over the Top Sweet Shop recently opened in Uptown Greenville, North Carolina, at 409 Evans St. where the owners enjoy making their goods “over the top” by their distinctive creations.

Alex Ballejos, co-owner of Over the Top Sweet Shop, said he and his wife, Lorri, are the owners of the shop. He said they have been open for three weeks so far but wanted to open much earlier, even as early as September 2021.

“The pandemic had slowed everything down, even the working of the building. We were planning on opening last September here at this spot, and then we planned on opening again around New Year’s,” Ballejos said.

As for the location, Ballejos wanted something that Uptown Greenville did not really have; something that is shock-worthy and is also family friendly. 

The shop includes a wide variety of treats and they are especially proud of their gelato. There are plenty of ice cream shops, but gelato was something that wasn’t offered in other places, Ballejos said. The sweet shop is bringing “freakshakes” to Greenville, which are milkshakes piled with combinations of desserts. Ballejos said he is excited to add these soon.

The shop also offers high-end chocolate and truffles. Lorri makes various “concoctions” with their candy apples as well. They offer chocolate-covered strawberries, marshmallows and different kinds of truffles as well as coffee and fresh donuts, Ballejos said.

“This is Uptown Greenville, there’s nothing like this here (in Greenville). We found a hole that needed to be filled and this is just a great location,” Ballejos said. “I know that the foot traffic isn’t very heavy in Uptown Greenville, but I know that one day we can get enough shops here, other than the bar scenes.” 

Ballejos said that they are planning to make the shop more family-friendly, such as adding a kids’ corner. He said he wants it to be all about families who can enjoy their free time. They also have plenty of adults who bring in their computers to use the Wi-Fi.

As for the upkeep for demand, they plan to readjust hours as needed. In the future, they may add outdoor seating to make it more cozy. They want to leave it as is for now and wait for what comes next for them, Ballejos said.

Maria Talbert, a current employee at Over the Top, started working at the location when it opened in early March 2022. 

“It’s not very busy in the mornings, but around lunch time it does get pretty busy. We’re not open very late right now, but we might be thinking about opening later,” Talbert said. “It’s a really nice environment and everyone comes in here and people talk and do work here.”

On March 26, there were quite a few people at the shop ordering different items. Taylor Banfalvy, a recent customer at the shop, said that it was her first appearance at the location. 

“It is very interesting. It smells really good as soon as you walk in, and their donuts are actually really cool looking, so that’s what we’re interested in,” Banfalvy said.

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