Sup Dogs

The front of Sup Dogs, the popular local restaurant which hosts the Doggie Jams concert.

Sup Dogs announced on its social media pages on Sept. 8 that its annual Doggie Jams event has been moved to April 17, 2021 due to COVID-19 safety concerns.

The event is still set to feature performances by Shaquille O’Neal, also known as DJ Diesel, and Bryen O’Boyle, also known by the stage name of Just the Tip. According to Sup Dogs' Facebook post, tickets for the original date will be honored for the new date.

Bret Olivero, owner of Sup Dogs, said this was the second time Doggie Jams had to be rescheduled. The event was originally rescheduled for Oct. 24, but he said it was decided last week to postpone the event until next year due to COVID-19.

“There is no way to have a music event with thousands of people in a month and a half, I just think that’s not in the cards right now. So, I reached out to Shaq and asked him if he was able to reschedule the event and we decided on April 17 of 2021,” Olivero said.

Tickets for Doggie Jams are $30 and can be purchased through Sup Dog’s website, Olivero said. Those who purchased tickets for the original April 4 and Oct. 24 dates will be able to use their tickets for the April 17, 2021 Doggie Jams event. Anyone who purchased a ticket and won't be able to attend the new date can also request a refund through the website, he said.

Around 3,000 tickets have been purchased for the Doggie Jams event as of Sept. 9, according to Olivero, and the max capacity for the event is 5,000. He said the event sells out every year, and he doesn’t expect the rescheduled date to be different.

“Shaq and Just the Tip both are just excited to get back to doing live events,” Olivero said. “I think everyone realizes that this fall there won’t be any major music events here in the United States, so I know from talking to Shaq’s people that everyone is excited to get back to doing awesome events with large amounts of people.”

While Olivero believes Doggie Jams will be able to happen on April 17, he said Sup Dogs will continue to monitor COVID-19, and make adjustments if necessary. The safety of students and attendees is the most important aspect and he is optimistic that Doggie Jams will be able to happen on the new date.

Although he is disappointed that Doggie Jams had to be moved a second time, Olivero said he is happy that Doggie Jams will continue to be a spring event.

“Doggie Jams has always been a spring event, so, you know, Doggie Jams, awesome weather, sort of the end of the semester, that is what it’s all about. I’m actually glad Doggie Jams is going to remain a spring event, and it’s the weekend after Pirate Fest,” Olivero said. “It should be an awesome weekend, one of the last weekends of the semester that all of ECU can come out and celebrate.”

Senior accounting major Anastasia Douds said she purchased a ticket for Doggie Jams before the original date. Douds said she looks forward to attending the rescheduled date.

Douds said she made the decision to attend the rescheduled event because she believes that Sup Dogs will make the best decision in regards to student safety, event attendees and Sup Dogs staff members.

“I have not attended Doggie Jams before, but I’ve seen from my friends what it is like. It gives off the vibes of a super energetic EDM (electronic dance music) festival. Everyone seems to be really hype and having a good time the whole time,” Douds said. “Doggie Jams is an ECU staple and every student should experience it at least one time. It’s something everyone knows about and a bond that only students here share.”

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