Pirate Rants 11/03 GRAPHIC

Editor's Note: The East Carolinian does not endorse the statements made in Pirate Rants.  

Paid over 400 dollars to have to drive around for 10 minutes trying to find A2 parking, only to end up parking in a semi-lit gravel lot with no sidewalk attached. Why they took away the stickers for parking will never make sense to me, especially since licenses only get checked sometimes.

Why is Au Bon Pain not on GrubHub?

ECU needs to power wash their buildings, we pay all this money to look at trashy buildings all day.

These hawks need to stop taking off with our campus squirrels. I know it’s Mother Nature and all, but these are ECU squirrels we’re talking about.

Get out of the bike lane, you have two legs, not two wheels. I will run you over.

Parking and transportation, you almost hit me every single day. Make sure all of your drivers have up to date licenses, please.

To all other food locations on campus: take notes from the Wright Place Starbucks.

If I reserve a study room and you’re in there watching a movie you have no right to get mad when you’re asked to leave.

I thought we went crazy for Halloween what happened ECU? All these post lockdown newbies don’t get it.

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