Pirate Rants

Editor's Note: The East Carolinian does not endorse the statements made in Pirate Rants.

The student media center looks cool but I don’t understand why ECU did not give them a space in the student center…they put them in the least populated place on campus?? I expected them to be where SGA and SAB are.

Why do the tour groups in the Student Center stand in the way every single time? Like please learn to be more aware of your surroundings. Some people have places to be.

No way Quarterdeck is making us pay for guest parking now. Be for real.

Anyone else starting to get nauseated at the thought of dining hall food? Let's switch it up a little guys.

It‘s ridiculous how registration works at ECU. The portal opens weeks before the new semester starts when people are still in stress figuring out the semester they are in. Some might even still figure out how to pay for tuition or need to work until they can pay for their remaining balance. Weeks go by, classes fill up and boom! Everything is full even though you desperately need to have a class to graduate. Once you make a case for yourself that you need the class to graduate, you‘re told the class is full. Wait another semester? Pay another big amount of tuition? No, thank you. How can it be that there are not more classes offered once they see people need those?

Some teachers really need to step up their game when it comes to their teaching methods. We don’t live in the 18th century anymore. Memorizing a whole book isn’t efficient. Open book, applying knowledge to real life circumstances, no time pressure - that’s how effective learning works.

So many students only care about their phone and not about the people around them anymore. It’s almost impossible to make friends because everyone is just so mesmerized by the internet.

Being a Pirate is so hard. The constant pressure of raiding and looting and maintaining my ship is getting to me. My crew needs to be paid and I don’t have enough doubloons to keep them all. Argh what am I to do. Need to find treasure me thinks.

The college experience is a lesson in depravity.

Its always crazy how the same two SGA tickets run every year, it would be great to have some diverse choices to choose from for a change.

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