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Joyner Library and Joyner East, where the Sonic Plaza is located in between, on East Carolina University's main campus.

The Sonic Plaza, located between Joyner East and the Joyner Library on East Carolina University campus, is scheduled to have updated repairs made to its gates while other aspects of the audio-visual art installation are under delay.

The awaited repairs will come after it was announced the Sonic Gates were set to be repaired for the fall semester of 2021. ECU teaching instructor William McClung from the department of technology systems was sent to look at the exhibit back in 2020, but he came to the conclusion it was more work than anticipated, and the project was halted.

Before the pause of the Sonic Plaza, which is filled with four art pieces meant to include audio and visuals, students would be able to walk through the Joyner East and Joyner Library courtyard with subtle music notes, water features and visual media.

As it stands now, students are unable to feel that sense of artistic connection to this portion of ECU’s main campus as the Sonic Plaza was once a staple to the university community. Some freshman and sophomores at this time may not even be aware of what the Sonic Plaza is or once was.

We, the editorial staff of The East Carolinian, believe there has been lack of initiative regarding the temporarily-forgotten Sonic Plaza and its primary purpose and existence here at ECU. Future repairs of the Sonic Plaza are essential and we hope to see more information shared as the renovations continue.

The group that has taken it upon themselves to spearhead repair attempts deserves praise and support in the form of a budget and administration support. The Sonic Plaza is important and appreciated by ECU and its students, and we look forward to seeing it returned to its former glory for the student body and others to enjoy.

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