The English language continues to see addition of new words to dictionaries.

By now, you’re probably aware that most people in the United States don’t speak English. Rather, we speak “American.” That’s a language comprised of bad grammar, slang, manufactured words and outright gibberish. A regular smörgåsbord composed of babble, drivel and nonsense.

Because almost nothing is taught in American public schools anymore, English grammar has fallen to the bottom of the barrel when it comes to educational priorities. And high school graduates prove this point repeatedly on a daily basis.

In addition, slang is a thing that’s now run rampant in our culture. And to the extent that I can barely keep up with it. Nor would I want to. As you know, slang is shared by those in a certain group, or those who are part of a particular demographic stratum. And among members of a certain tribe, slang is typically the communication of choice. It’s common, it’s familiar and it’s comfortable. It reassures us that we’re among friends, and it separates us from those who don’t use the latest, fashionable, lingo du jour. I often receive text messages with so much trendy slang, that I must assume the messages were written by those who are “speaking in tongues.”

And then, there’s the worst of the worst. You guessed it — manufactured words. Each year, in January, I go online and look at the new “words” that have been added to dictionaries. And these things are just incredible. Among the recent award-winners are: “frenemy, staycation, Frankenfood, worstest, hangry, zombocalypse, sumfin” and “chillax.” And the list goes on. 

Even the once-respected Oxford English Dictionary has become part of the lowest common denominator by now including goofy, fabricated words. I’m well aware that language undergoes a continuous evolution, but we should never assume the word “evolution” means positive, forward-moving steps in the right direction.

Apparently, there are people with too much time on their hands, or those who just need to “get a life.” Who has time to sit around inventing idiotic words and phrases when there’s real work to be done? Like learning proper English grammar. And the worst part is that dictionaries adopt this moronic speech as something credible, and then pass it on to the masses. I would rather chew broken glass than ever speak the language of fools.

At the rate the English language is deteriorating, it won’t be long before we all scratch and grunt in order to express ourselves. We’re seeing the rapid de-evolution of verbal communication, and a return to an age of primal expression. In this age of decline, Neanderthals will soon be resurrected, and they’ll lead bumbling Homo sapiens toward simpler means of communication that include visceral whines, grumbles, squeaks and squawks. Now that I think about it, that’s not terribly different from the texts and email I often receive.

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