ECU Parking (Our View)

The parking garage entrance on East Carolina University’s main campus, where students have been experiencing lack of parking availability due to full capacity.

Since the start of the fall 2021 semester, members of the East Carolina University community have faced issues securing a parking spot near or on campus. The ECU parking garage located by the Main Campus Student Center had closed down, on average, four times a day due to the occupancy limit, according to ECU Parking supervisor Josh Puckett. 

Puckett advised students who commute to campus to buy a commuter zone parking permit in order to park on campus and utilize the transit services available to travel to the main campus. However, students with parking passes have reported not being able to find parking in the commuter zones.  

We, the editorial staff of The East Carolinian, believe more effort should be made by both the university and students in order for more parking to be available on-campus. Students should depend on the university to provide more parking spaces. The university should’ve known in advance the number of students who would be returning to campus and plan on commuting. After being away from campus for so long due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an influx of students returning to campus was bound to happen.

ECU should consider providing more parking spaces for students, especially in commuter lots, to accommodate the number of students who drive to campus. Since COVID-19 is still a prominent issue and cases are continuously rising, some students may not feel comfortable taking the ECU Transit bus to or from campus. Especially since the transit bus currently does not have strict guidelines as it did during the beginning of the fall 2020 semester. 

Students, however, should educate themselves on how to work the ECU or Greenville, North Carolina, transit system. The ECU transit bus runs by most of the off-campus student apartment complexes in Greenville and students are able to ride to campus for free without the need to drive to campus almost daily.

It’s a joint effort by both ECU and students to solve the parking issues on campus. Parking has been an issue in Greenville for a while, but both parties can be the factor as to why parking can be a little easier for some people.

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