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The State Theatre will be brought to life with electronic dance music brought by a variety of DJs including the Moon Bass Project on Jan. 27.

Local electronic dance music (EDM) music collective the Moon Bass Project will perform at the Greenville, North Carolina State Theatre on Jan. 28 from 8:30 p.m. to 12 a.m. in hopes to grow an EDM nightlife for the area.

Josh M, also known as MVCULA, is the founder of the Moon Bass Project. In an email statement, M wrote that he’d be participating in the concert as one of the DJs with a set at 11:00 p.m. He wrote the collective started out as a group of close friends with a love for EDM music.

The Moon Bass Project started amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2021, M wrote. After teaching his friends how to DJ in 2020, M wrote they reached out to the State Theatre to book the venue to celebrate his friend’s birthday, and after playing they were then offered a monthly spot to perform at the theatre.

“I started the Moon Bass Project to bring an EDM scene to Greenville and to play a bunch of crazy robot music with my friends,” M wrote. “The EDM scene has been growing across NC over the last few years, but Greenville’s EDM scene does not compare to Raleigh’s, so we are doing our part to give the people a show so they don’t want to travel across the state to dance.”

The Moon Bass Project is planning to expand to Raleigh, NC and possibly Charlotte, NC in the future, M wrote, but for now they’ll be playing the majority of their monthly shows at the State Theatre.

The group’s previous concert was held last December, M wrote, where they had a smaller crowd due to winter break. During the concert, M wrote they’ll be adding two new DJs to their usual line-up.

“We start with DJ Naughty at 9:00 p.m., then our new DJ-duo TVRBOCHRGD comes on at 10:00 (p.m.). I follow them at 11:00 (p.m.)and Ben Riott closes the show out, starting at midnight,” M wrote.

Ian Rupp, one of the DJs in TVRBOCHRGD, said this will be the duo’s first official Greenville show with the Moon Bass Project after being invited to the concert on short notice. The freelance duo has been producing together for over five months, but Rupp said they wanted to start performing at concerts.

The duo plans on playing a mix of different EDM genres, such as dubstep, riddim, techno and bass house, Rupp said, as well as one of their original songs that they’ll be releasing on the same day as the concert.

“We’ve put a mix together and worked on it for the last month and a half,” Rupp said. “We’ve kinda just been slaves to our room and have just been grinding on the set, just practicing every day.”

Evan Klarman, the second DJ in TVRBOCHRGD, said the duo had a smaller open-deck show they performed in Charlotte. The crowd was “energetic” to the point where the duo was worried the patio they were performing on was going to collapse, Klarman said.

Unfortunately, Klarman said the two had technical difficulties while playing their set. At the State Theatre, Klarman said they hope to avoid the same mistakes with the upcoming concert, but also want to bring the same energy to Greenville that was brought to Charlotte.

“We want to show that we’re not just doing it for whatever little money we’re making,” Klarman said. “We’re doing it because we love and enjoy the music. We also hope to turn some people into ravers. That’s always the goal.”

Layne Nixon, also known as Ben Riott, said he will be closing out the concert as the last set of the evening. One of the benefits of closing the concert is the freedom to play heavier dubstep to a loosened-up audience, Nixon said, as opposed to performing towards the beginning of the concert.

The Moon Bass Project hopes to show people a good time by bringing them together to listen and dance to music, Nixon said, as well as to forget how chaotic the world feels outside in that moment.

Nixon said he’ll play a mixture of dubstep and melodic songs, as well as some edits of well-known EDM artists, such as Zeds Dead, Excision and Sullivan King. While playing some familiar artists, Nixon also hopes to introduce lesser-known artists in a mix that matches the crowd’s mood.

“My philosophy is, I want people to hear songs that they like on our big speaker system,” Nixon said. “But, I’d also like for them to hear things that they haven’t heard before, to kind of show the music from smaller-named artists or underground music.”


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