Vidant Medical Center
Vidant has begun to distribute COVID-19 vaccines to community members aged 75 and older under Phase 1b, group 1.

Vidant Health began to vaccinate Greenville, North Carolina community members aged 75 and older on Jan. 8 under Phase 1b, group 1 of the four phases designed to vaccinate the state’s population.

A press release from Vidant Health said it continues to identify and directly contact eligible high-risk individuals through other community partners, alongside the use of its patient database, MyChart.

“This initial approach is only the first step in making the vaccine more broadly available to eligible community members,” the press release said. “Though the first wave of community vaccines are being administered in Greenville, Vidant will announce its plans to expand its efforts to vaccinate high-risk individuals throughout the East in the coming weeks.”

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) provides allocations to local health departments and health systems with requirements to vaccinate eligible groups according to its COVID-19 vaccination plan, the press release said.

The amount of vaccinations Vidant continues to receive will determine the number of individuals it can vaccinate, according to the press release. The press release said the efforts to vaccinate community members can take months.

“As a leader in the East, Vidant is working collaboratively with our community partners throughout the region, including local health departments, ECU and area providers to ensure we can efficiently serve our community,” the press release said.

Vidant has full confidence in the vaccinations, according to the press release. The press release said before the vaccines received FDA emergency use authorization approval, the vaccines went through rigorous tests and trials to prove safety and effectiveness.

Updates on Vidant’s community vaccine efforts can be found on the Vidant Health website.

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