Holding hands sapp

A newly-wedded couple holds one another's hand for a photograph.

To live convivial lives, we must respect the harmony of nature, people and metaphysics with love at the core because it is not for ourselves alone that we are not born.

Yes, we may be faster alone, but we go further together. Love is a treacherous road with a thin silver lining and we, as individuals, must uncover the truth of how to play the most dangerous game.

To be in love is ugly. To be in love is painful. To be in love is frightening.

It makes you question who you are and what is important to you. It makes you distance yourself from the people closest to you. It makes you doubt everything you have ever known about yourself. To be in love is to do and say things you never thought you would ever do in your life.

To be in love is addicting. To be in love is harsh. To be in love is vulgar.

It’s human nature to be driven to find love. As entities, we cannot cope without constantly contemplating that cruel and cantankerous viper; hoping that it strikes us and clings to our core.

Love is, simply put, terrifying. So, it is no wonder that we do not do it alone. We share the experience with the people that makes the viper’s venom feel like hope spreading and seeping into our very souls.

To be in love is to let someone pick at your inner workings as the Vulture picks at Prometheus: an endless cycle of pleasurable, painful progress in which patience is paramount.

That is what it truly means to be in love. It means to look forward to being fragile, weak, and vulnerable. To lay your soul in the hands of someone with the people to crush you in an instant.

To be in love is to trust them not to.

To be in love is to be human, and to be human is to be flawed. May everyone experience the epitome of being human.

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