Mike Houston

ECU head football coach Mike Houston talks with some of his players during the Pirates' away game against USF.

Currently standing 1-3, the East Carolina University (1-3, 1-2 AAC) football team is at the halfway point of the 2020 season with five conference games left to play on schedule.

The Pirates have battled four universities since the start of the season, three being in the American Athletic Conference (AAC). ECU has lost to the University of Central Florida (3-2, 2-2 AAC), Georgia State University and the Naval Academy (3-3, 3-1 AAC). The Pirates were able to win the third game against the University of South Florida (1-5, 0-4 AAC). ECU is currently ranked number nine in the conference, the University of Cincinnati (4-0, 2-0 AAC) being No. 1, UCF No. 7 and USF No. 11.

Cincinnati, the University of Houston (2-1, 2-1 AAC) and the University of Tulsa (2-1, 2-0 AAC) are currently at the top of the 2020 football standings with the highest winning streaks in the conference, Cincinnati with a winning streak of four, Houston with one and Tulsa with two.

The bottom three teams with the highest losing streaks consist of USF with a losing streak of five, Tulane University (1-5, 0-4 AAC) with three and ECU with one. Navy has seen a loss streak of one, along with Southern Methodist University (5-1, 2-1 AAC) and Temple University (1-2, 1-2 AAC).

The Pirates kicked off the season on Sept. 26 in Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium against UCF. ECU lost by 23 points with a final score of 51-28. The Pirates had 11 penalties, lost 105 yards and had four fumbles. With 83 total plays, UCF had 20 more rushing yards and 193 more passing yards. By the end of the game, UCF had a total of eight false starts, compared to ECU who had three.

After losses to UCF and GSU, ECU traveled to Tampa, Florida on Oct. 10, where they beat USF 44-24. With 21 first downs and over 35 minutes of possession time, the Pirates had five sacks for 19 yards and 10 points off turnovers. The Pirates also had three passing touchdowns with 222 passing yards and two rushing touchdowns with 210 rushing yards. USF had a total of two fumbles and five penalties, they lost 66 yards.

On Oct. 17, the Pirates lost to Navy 23-27. ECU had 74 more passing yards and 54 more offensive yards, though Navy won with four rushing touchdowns and 288 rushing yards. Both teams had 3 penalties, the Pirates losing four more yards than Navy. ECU had four fumbles compared to Navy’s one, and three less minutes of possession time.

Coming up at the end of October, ECU has one more conference game against Tulsa, before facing four conference teams in November. The remaining teams on the Pirates’ schedule include Tulane, Cincinnati, Temple, and SMU. The Pirates will play the last game of the season on Nov. 28.

The Pirates fifth game and third away game is scheduled for Oct. 30 against Tulsa. This will be the teams first Friday game of the season. Tulsa is ranked number three in the AAC with a conference record of 2-0 and an overall record of 2-1. The team lost its opening game against Oklahoma State 16-7, won its second game against UCF 34-26 and won its third game against USF 42-13. Hosted by Tulsa, kickoff will be at 9 p.m. and is available to stream on ESPN2.

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