Halloween Decorations

The Logan Square home of Frank Lopez, 2656 W. Logan Blvd., decorated for Halloween in 2005.

It’s finally the last part of the year, and a lot can agree that 2020 has been a bit of a roller coaster of unfortunate events. First a global pandemic, deaths of many well-known celebrities and it’s the peak of the election year. Besides all of that, it’s now “the holy trinity” of the year, October, November and December.

Since it’s the part of the year with some of the most celebrated holidays in America, I’m sure most people have already planned their seasonal decorations of the year. If they have not set up for Halloween already. But, once Halloween is over, there will be a lot of judgment for having Halloween decorations up at least one week into November.

There’s an unspoken rule of how long holiday decorations should be up after the holiday has ended, or when is the perfect time to decorate without being “too early.” Let’s be honest, some of us have judged stores who brought out Halloween decorations and candy during the middle of August or Christmas decorations around September. But at this point, does it really matter?

This year has been messy and some people may be ready to step into 2021 to see what the new year has to offer and pray that it’s much better than 2020. So these “social rules” on holiday decorations should not matter right now. Personally, I wouldn’t mind Halloween decorations being up for the remainder of the year considering how scary 2020 was. But who is to decide on how long holiday decorations should be up?

Social rules should no longer apply to decorative situations, considering what we all went through this year. Most are too tired or stressed to worry about why some people leave Halloween decorations past the middle of November or why people still have their Christmas tree up past March. There are bigger things we should worry about besides the way people want to decorate their houses.

At this point of the year, people should just do whatever makes them feel happy. The new year is just around the corner and many have put up with so much this year, that to worry about what society says is right or wrong is pointless. Despite not having the best year, people should not forget the responsibilities and goals that they had for themselves just because 2020 didn’t go as planned.

That task that has been put on hold for several months now because of COVID-19, if possible, go do it now. People shouldn’t procrastinate on the things that they should complete or want to do just because this year hasn’t been the best. I completely understand a lot has happened for some people, but don’t neglect responsibilities that needed to be done from last week or several months ago.

Forget social rules and just do whatever you want, but legally of course. If people want to keep their Halloween decorations up until Christmas, that’s okay. Just put a Santa hat on the skeleton and go forth about the day. There are people that understand and know this year hasn’t been up to par. Just don’t end 2020 with unmet goals and tasks that had previously planned at the beginning of the year. So happy “Hallothanksmas” to everyone who celebrates any of the upcoming holidays and don’t forget to vote.

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