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Tenants within The Jolly Roger student apartment complex, located on the corner of Charles Boulevard and 14th Street, continue to report issues within their units such as water damages, plumbing issues and power outages.

Greenville, North Carolina’s newest student-housing apartment complex, the Jolly Roger, located on the corner of Charles Boulevard and 14th Street, continues to cause issues for tenants.

CA Ventures Management, Jolly Roger’s management company, said in an email statement that although the apartment complex experienced problems that needed additional attention, the issues raised have been met with attentiveness and a few others remain under close supervision. 

The progress of the Jolly Roger’s upkeep was handled in a safe and orderly fashion with the help of a team of contractors working to acknowledge concerns and meet the needs of residents, CA Ventures Management said in the statement. In response to a series of power outages, a tripped main breaker was the root cause and has been repaired. 

“Future tenants can expect a positive and exciting experience as part of a community where the genuine care and comfort of our tenants is recognized. The Jolly Roger will be an integral part of ECU and Greenville (North Carolina) communities, and we are looking forward to a great year,” CA Ventures Management said in the statement. 

Zyana Yepes, junior public health major, said she has had multiple issues with leaks and has had pieces of her ceiling and floor taken out as a result of water damage. Due to the leaks, Yepes said that she had to relocate units for a period of time. 

Yepes said she has faced nonstop issues with plumbing in her apartment unit since August. She said the Jolly Roger’s maintenance came to fix the issues everyday for two months as more problems arised, which eventually led to her and her roommates relocation for the second time. When Yepes was allowed back into her original room, she said the leak still remained unfixed.

“They wouldn’t have the information correct. So they’d go to the wrong room, looking at the wrong toilet or looking at the wrong thing broken. And then we’d have maintenance men coming in like an hour later saying that they didn’t know somebody checked on it,” Yepes said.

Yepes said she felt like the apartment complex’s maintenance staff rushed to fix the problems in their unit and did not have the situation under control. She said she believes there may have been a lack of communication between the maintenance staff that prolonged the plumbing and leakage problems. 

Due to the amount of toilet and plumbing issues, the Jolly Roger recommended Yepes and her roommates move into another unit. She said that it concerns her for what else isn’t installed properly or what else may be wrong in the unit. 

“I went to the office and told them that my room is what’s on my lease so if they want me to move out then they’re going to have to reimburse me for my first two months because that’s not fair to have us relocate,” Yepes said. 

Junior English major Lukis Padu said he had to leave the Jolly Roger due to a power outage to study and do his homework on Nov. 14. Padu said that it had been the third power outage within three days that first occurred on Nov. 10.

Padu said when the power outages occurred, the power had been out for about two hours and caused some food in his refrigerator to go bad. He said it was so dark in his apartment that he and his roommate opted to hang out in the Jolly Roger’s game room that still had power.

“I can’t even do my work (during the power outages). Like I literally go to the library or come here (Main Campus Student Center) to do my work. I can’t even do my own schoolwork in my own room. It’s definitely affecting me for sure,” Padu said.

Upon reflection, Padu said overall his stay at the Jolly Roger hasn’t been ideal but he understands a project like the Jolly Roger will have its ups and downs. Padu said that he will resign for next year in hopes the apartment will be up to date on maintenance problems.

A leak caused Padu and his two roommates to be relocated for a week, Padu said. Now, back in his original room, he said with all the maintenance problems he is unsure what other problems lie ahead. 

“And then right after we got back in our original room, there was maintenance again that came at eight o’clock in the morning. And so it was like, we can’t catch a break,” Padu said. “So hopefully we stay in our original room because we just got there and we just got our TV.” 

Beyond plumbing issues and leaks, residents of the Jolly Roger also voiced their frustrations on the amenities that were promised among moving in that took months to receive as Carmen Ortiz, a sophomore public health major, said the Jolly Roger should have waited until the complex was completely finished to move residents in because of the partial amenities. She said she would advise people to wait on signing a lease with the complex until conditions improve.

Ortiz said she was bothered that the Jolly Roger advertised a two-story gym full of equipment and when she moved in there were only weights and dumbbells, but not any treadmills. She said she is glad they’re finalizing the gym now after an entire semester. 

"I like to workout almost everyday. And that was one of the biggest things about me moving to the Jolly Roger,” Ortiz said. “When I first moved in, I was very bummed out. I had to go to the rec center.” 

When Ortiz signed her lease, she said the Jolly Roger stated that a free TV would be included upon arrival. When she moved in she said she was informed by management that TVs would be installed within two weeks. She said it took about three months to get her TV, but the Jolly Roger upgraded the TV to make up for lost time.

Although her expectations for the Jolly Roger left her disappointed, Ortiz said the apartment complex has a lot of fun activities and events. On Nov. 11 the Jolly Roger hosted its first annual Jolly Festival for residents and Ortiz said she attended the event where music, food, giveaways and more were offered. 

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