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Editor's Note: The East Carolinian does not endorse the statements made in Pirate Rants. 

Embarrassing to see the signs on campus asking people not to throw confetti, only to see the ground around the sign littered with confetti.

Campus Towers is in desperate need of an exterior renovation. It stands out like a sore thumb when you drive into Greenville toward campus.

Why does the university wait so long to release final details about graduation? It's so unfortunate for out-of-state students who have families that need to prepare way ahead of time!

Bring back individual department ceremonies!!

Class is always so awkward for no reason… like y’all are paying to go here. SAY SOMETHING.

People think those flashing lights on crosswalks replace looking both ways.

Bet no one knows the City of Greenville will be adding a large civic center building to the Town Common, taking away a decent sized chunk of the ONLY green space this city has.

Professors should alleviate class absences because we are just coming out of a pandemic and we really haven’t had it in person classes for a very long time.

I miss the Sonic Plaza!!!! It's messed up that it has been all broken for so long since that guy died. Hurry up and fix it!

I'm so ready to graduate that I do everything I possibly can to avoid staying on campus longer than I have to be.

Mr. Beast is cool and everything but you're not cool cause you're one of like 500 people in the Squid Game vid.

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