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Fall 2020 graduate and nursing major Jeremy Wilson posing for graduation pictures near the main campus cupola.

As Fall 2021 Commencement approaches, final ceremonial details were released too late to the Pirate community resulting in uncertainty for preparations, graduate necessities and the disappointment of a lack of individual department ceremonies.

Past graduations, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, have included individual ceremonies where each department's graduates are celebrated separately. The individual ceremonies are important for students to celebrate their hard work and accomplishments on a more personal level.

With uncertain times due to COVID-19, commencements have been one of the various events changed and altered to accommodate students and families. However, the individual ceremonies remain missed and even sometimes more preferred over the large university ceremony. 

The Dowdy Student Store is where graduates are supposed to pick up stoles and other materials for graduation. Dowdy has only recently received the stoles, but many soon-to-be graduates were worried they would not receive them on time. The lack of information provided about the timeline of these orders was disappointing and more initiative should have been taken to inform fall graduates of the order status. 

We, the editorial staff of The East Carolinian, feel that information regarding Fall 2021 Commencement has not been delivered in a timely manner. For students with families further away from Greenville, North Carolina, final time frames and specific details should be announced months in advance for preparation matters. 

We miss the individual ceremonies, but understand that the pandemic has created an unfavorable change. We hope to see things return more toward normal in the spring semester, and hope fall graduates have a successful ceremony. 

As more decisions are made, students should continue to be made aware as soon as possible so each commencement ceremony is as memorable as it should be for our graduates.

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