Pirate Rants

Editor's Note: The East Carolinian does not endorse the statements made in Pirate Rants.

Can we get some good food here please


sometimes it do in fact be like that.. -Nostradamus... probably

The naked man fears no pickpocket

Shoutout to orientation for the free parking..... but stop filling up the first floor thx.

I'm gonna be so sad when August comes and there’s no more half of Starbucks drinks on Tuesdays.

I'm gonna need mother nature to chill out with this heat thank you.

It's so hot outside I can't cry anymore, it's just sweat at this point.

Moving sucks!!!!!!

Some things you just keep in your tik tok drafts lol…

Parking and transportation, if you’re not going to have the 30 credit hour limit for A/B lot then you better have your buses come early because tons of us upperclassmen have jobs to get to and waiting for a bus way past 7am isn’t going to cut it.

Sometimes you have to make people uncomfortable to get conversations started and I feel like a lot of people don't know how to do that.

Some things you just keep in your tik tok drafts lol…

The bowling alley must make a return. It is stupid for ECU to have all that equipment put to waste.

Parking should just be put into our tuition. We already pay ECU enough..

We need more diet pepsi in the vending machines.

Wright should be open longer. I want bagels.

I’m gonna miss the calm parking deck.

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