Virginia Hardy

Virginia Hardy, East Carolina University Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, speaks to a crowd during the grand opening ceremony.

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Virginia Hardy reached out to assure East Carolina University students there will be an investigation after hateful speech was posted throughout social media by ECU students which followed a nationwide response to the death of George Floyd.

Hardy said in an emailed statement, ECU is aware of the hateful speech and the university denounces the racist, divisive language and the community will not tolerate it.

The students responsible for these actions will be referred to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities and will be addressed based on university policies, according to Hardy’s statement.

“As a university, we officially and formally denounce this racist, divisive language. It is disrespectful. It is unproductive. It is unacceptable,” Hardy said in the statement. “It is also a violation of the ECU Student Code of Conduct.”

Hardy said in the statement, the university will not share results of the investigation due to specific privacy laws, but to understand this will not be overlooked or dismissed.

This hate-speech does not represent ECU or who Pirates are, Hardy said in her statement.

“As Chancellor Mitchelson stated on Monday, ‘We must rise to the challenge that this historic moment presents. Let this lead us to work together to be the change we want to see in our community’,” Hardy said in the statement. “Let’s be the driving force for influencing change and let’s start right here at ECU.”

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What is considered hate speech? What has happened to freedom of speech on campus? I guess now administrators tell us what to think, do and say.

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