The Burp Wagon Food Truck offers new takes on classic food favorites from Greenville, North Carolina, restaurateurs Jacob and Tandi Wilson, who own Christy’s Euro Pub, Dickinson Avenue Public House and upcoming Tex-Mex drinkery Side Bar. 

Residents of Greenville can find the Burp Wagon Food Truck posted all throughout the city serving up menu items from Christy’s Euro Pub and Dickinson Avenue Public House. Customers can expect to see a crowd congregated around the food truck, as guests wait patiently for a taste. 

The menu features an assortment of entrees and sides, from Peach BBQ Wings to Shrimp Ceviche Nachos, all of which are priced under $11. The Peach BBQ Wings were generously coated in a thick, sticky, BBQ glaze with a subtle peach aftertaste. To keep customers on their toes, the wings are sprinkled with finely chopped peanuts and sliced scallions. The saltiness from the peanuts compliments the smoky BBQ sauce, while the touch of sweetness from the peach marries all the flavors together. 

The Peach BBQ Wings are one example of how the Burp Wagon pushes the bounds of what can be expected from their menu. Christy’s Egg Rolls were the winner from the “Tour de Burp Wagon,” as their take on eggrolls is far from usual. Disguised as your traditional egg roll, the Burp Wagon’s eggrolls combine the Asian classic with an at home with a spicy, Carolina-style pulled pork sandwich. Filled with a cabbage-based slaw and pepper-jack cheese, the secret ingredient to this dish is its Carolina mustard dipping sauce. 

Quite opposite of what one could expect from a dipping sauce for eggrolls, the spicy brown mustard paired perfectly with the vinegar-based pulled pork. A tangy dish altogether, Christy’s Egg Rolls were fried to perfection, golden brown and crispy with flavors competing for attention in every bite. 

The Dirty Fries encompassed everything someone could want from a french fry, generously seasoned, crispy and complemented by a dipping sauce. The sauce’s flavors of horseradish and lemon were a pleasant surprise from the traditional mayo-based condiments often paired with pub style food. As someone who isn’t a big fan of horseradish, the fries alone without any sauce were just as good had they been dipped. 

Talk from customers who waited patiently nearby for their food spoke good things about the Shrimp Ceviche Nachos, Blackened Shrimp Tacos and Southern Clucker sandwich. As someone with a food allergy to those menu items, I’ll take their word for it and give this food truck a thumbs up all around for food. 

Jacob and Tandi Wilson continue to bring flavor to Greenville with the Burp Wagon Food Truck’s take on classic dishes. Anyone in the mood for some good food with a quick turnaround time on service should keep their eyes on the food truck via their social media to find out their locations throughout the week. Contrary to the name, customers won’t need a standby Tums after this meal. 

Review: 5/5 STARS

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