Students from the ECU SOTD perform “Xpóvoç” by Autumn Stowers.

Wrapping up her time spent at East Carolina University, senior dance performance and choreography major, Autumn Stowers, is spending her last year participating in featured performances such as the Fall Dance 2019 where she will be performing and showcasing her own works.

When Stowers first came to ECU as a freshman, she began as an understudy for most performances. She was originally reserved and introverted, but she has since learned to come out of her shell with the help of faculty and friends, according to Stowers.

“In auditions, I think I was afraid to really put myself out there, but my faculty members, they’re amazing, and they really care about us and I’ve learned to come out of my shell,” Stowers said.

Over the summer between her sophomore and junior year, Stowers truly developed her love and desire to study choreography after she studied abroad in London. After having taken a class on choreography abroad, she realized how much she truly loved the intellectual aspect of dance, and came back to ECU with new aspirations, according to Stowers.

Coming into her last year, Stowers has seen herself mature as she experiences new things from studying abroad to the Fall Dance 2019. All of her past experiences have only helped her grow as a person and a performer over the last four years, according to Stowers.

“I definitely think it (the last four years) has helped me become the person I want to be,” Stowers said. “I think a lesson that I have learned is just to be confident with my intuition, especially with dancing, and if I want to do something, go for it and stick behind that because I’m here for a reason.”

Associate professor with the School of Theater and Dance, John Dixon, said Stowers is a determined and hardworking student and is a talented performer within this program.

“She is powerful, clear and articulate with her movement, also very serious. She has an intensity to her that goes through everything that she does,” Dixon said. “She has this kind of quiet intensity to her. Everything that she does, she gives full value. She doesn’t pull back at all.”

Having taught Stowers for all four years, he has been able to see her grow from the quiet and reserved girl she was in her freshman year to the risk-taking and adventurous performer and choreographer that she is now, according to Dixon.

“She didn’t really take risks when she started with us and her movement vocabulary that she created as a choreographer was much more consistent with traditional bands, and now audiences will see her piece the movement, she’s just exceptionally gifted in that area.”

While watching Stowers prepare her piece, “Xpóvoç”, for the Fall Dance 2019, Dixon has been able to see the culmination of four years worth of knowledge and determination within Stowers’s piece. Seeing everything come together has, according to Dixon, been a proud moment for him to witness.

Senior BFA dance with a concentration in dance education and a BA in Hispanic Studies, Brittany Good, has known of Stowers since high school, and became friends with her through the dance program her at ECU.

“As a performer, she’s really strong and hardworking, and her personality comes out on stage. I mean she can always do the movements so well and perform out of this world,” Good said. “And then as a choreographer, she has a really good particular style that, when I see choreography that’s hers, I know it’s hers because it has this really cool dynamic to it.”

According to Good, every time Stowers choreographs something, she has a purpose to it and a drive to it that makes it unique. Over the four years that she has known Stowers, Good has seen Stowers take her love of dancing and transform it intellectually into her choreography.

Stowers can take her talents as far as she wants. Stowers is talented, she is driven and she is able to put together something that is truly amazing. Her work for Fall Dance 2019 is something that is truly amazing, and that people shouldn’t miss as it showcases exactly what Stowers is capable of, according to Good.

“It’s more than just choreography, it’s a whole dance piece that’s really dynamic and original, so I think everyone should come and see how all those elements play into one storyline and one concept,” Good said.

Both Autumn Stowers and Brittany Good will be performing and showcasing her choreography in the Fall Dance 2019 performances, this week every night through Sunday night with matinees both on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets can be purchased through the School of Theater and Dance website at $10 for students and $15 for the public.

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