Han korean

The front view of Han Korean Cuisine. 

Coronavirus affects Han Korean Cuisine, a new restaurant located 1904 W Arlington Blvd, just weeks after its grand opening on March 2nd. Han’s doors opened right before the social distancing order was given for the state of North Carolina, but the restaurant has remained open serving take out for customers. 

The owner of Han Korean Cuisine, Minhi June Nam has been a chef for over 25 years and taught at many culinary schools in South Korea. Her specialty is traditional Korean cuisine. She has also owned several restaurants throughout her career. She named the restaurant Han because it refers to the Korean nationality or race. 

“I felt there was a need for a Korean restaurant in Greenville and wanted to be the first to open and introduce the food to the community, to taste the true Korean food,” Nam said.

The restaurant serves well portioned popular Korean dishes that are authentic. Some items on the menu include Kimchi Jun, a crispy flour pancake with kimchi, Japchae, a stir fried “glass” potato noodle with beef and vegetables, mandu dumplings and more.

 “We serve Korean BBQ, what most people associate when they think of Korean food along with Tofu Soup and Hot Stone Bibimbap which comes in sizzling stone pot with rice, assorted vegetables and choice of protein,” manager Jade Tsao said.

In the short time that the restaurant has been opened, customers are enjoying the new authentic Korean cuisine restaurant. Customers can continue to enjoy the restaurant by ordering take out.

Local customer Marilyn J. Glover praises the restaurant staff on their customer service and the cleanliness of the dining area. She expresses her satisfaction with her and her daughter's meal.

“I ordered a seafood pancake which covered the whole plate and it was delicious. It was loaded with different types of seafood and came with a sauce to go with it. I ordered for myself a stone pot Bowl dish that had beef and rice and a fried egg and other items on it. When it came to the table the stone Bowl was so hot that the food was still sizzling inside,” Glover said.

Han Korean Cuisine is a family friendly restaurant and customers are satisfied with the customer service and prices.

“My daughter ordered beef bulgogi and loved it. The serving portions for our meals were large and the price was excellent. Everything was authentic. I highly recommend Hans and we will certainly be returning as soon as possible. In the meantime we will be happy with takeout service, the place was absolutely awesome and I highly recommended it,” Glover said.

Despite this challenging time local businesses in Greenville are taking the necessary efforts to run their businesses and to keep their staff and customers safe, according to local business owners.

“We are doing our part to sanitize, cleaning and wiping down and have professional cleaning service to come in spray the restaurant. We greatly appreciate all the customers who are doing take out from us. We will do our best to do our part. Please support local businesses, we can get through this and come out strong together,” Tsao said.

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