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The ECU Chamber Singers performing at St. Paul's Episcopal Church.

The Choirs of The East Carolina School of Music will perform The Sound of the Seasons concert and ring in the Christmas spirit at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church tonight at 7:30.

According to the school’s website, the concert, which has been a staple of the School of Music’s calendar for many years will involve all four of the school’s ensemble choirs: The Chamber Singers, Concert Choir, University Chorale and Collegiate Choir.

The performance will feature classic Christmas carols as well as contemporary pieces that feature individual solos from certain choir members.

Senior and member of the ECU Chamber Singers, Arianna Ford, commented on what it means to perform in the show and what kind of preparation goes into such a large concert.

“It’s a great way to share with the community and bring everyone together for a little bit. Each choir meets separately throughout the semester and practices, but a lot of preparation comes from our professors. There’s a lot of moving parts, but it’s really low stress since it’s a really fun time,” Ford said.

Ford also commented on what makes the Sound of the Seasons unique from the other performances the School of Music puts on.

“We rarely do a combined concert, so that makes it very unique,” Ford said. “At the end of the concert, we’ll have a piece where the audience is allowed to sing along with us.”

The Sound of the Seasons has received positive feedback from the Greenville community due to the event being free, as well as providing a family friendly environment for people to come and celebrate the holidays.

Senior, Trey McCauley, shared his thoughts on what concerts such as the Sound of the Seasons do for the community. He said the concert is one way to appreciate what music has to offer.

“Everyone needs a little more music in their lives with everything that’s going on in the world right now,” McCauley said. “My voice teacher once told me that when everything seems like it’s wrong, music glimpse of everything that is right in the world.”

McCauley also expanded on the individual pieces that the choir looks forward to performing.

“There’s this piece called “Let all mortal flesh keep silence” by Edward Bairstow. It’s my favorite and I sing a solo part in it, so that’s a plus,” McCauley said.

The Sound of the Seasons concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. with the final performance at 9 p.m. More information can be found on the ECU Chorus website under the events calendar.

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