Seymour and Smith have both previously performed at the Whirligig Stage (pictured), but never together.

William Seymour and Noelle Smith are scheduled to perform at Whirligig Stage, 628 South Pitt St. tomorrow night beginning at 8:30 p.m. and ending at 10:30 p.m.

General admission tickets are $12, and can be purchased online through the link found on the event’s Facebook page. Members of Whirligig Stage can purchase tickets for $10, and students, senior citizens and military members are able to purchase theirs for $8 with an appropriate ID at check-in, according to the ticket webpage.

According to Jason Coale, executive director at Whirligig Stage, both Seymour and Smith have played at the venue before, but this is the first time they will be performing together.

“Noelle has been off at college, but we still consider them (Smith and Seymour) local musicians and are both ones to watch for sure. There are few artists as dedicated to their crafts working in this area and they are two of the best,” Coale said.

Smith, a North Carolina native who attends Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, said she has been singing professionally since the age of 12 and been doing gigs in Greenville since she was 13 years old.

According to Smith, her music is a mixture of country and pop, but she has expanded into playing a couple more genres in the past year. She said she often performs at bars and breweries in the Uptown Greenville area and has additionally played at PirateFest, the Umbrella Market and Whirligig Stage.

“Last summer, we organized my very first headlining show (at Whirligig) as a farewell concert before I moved to Nashville for school. I love that Whirligig stays creative with their events, and they're clearly committed to shining a spotlight on all different kinds of talent in Greenville,” Smith said.

Smith said she has known Seymour for a couple of years, and while they have performed at the same venue on several occasions, this will be the first time they are performing together. She said she is looking forward to performing with him and listening to him perform after her set.

Smith said she has received great support from her fans and the Greenville community which has helped her grow as a musician to feeling comfortable with herself and her music.

“The best feeling I can possibly have while performing happens at almost every gig. I find someone in the venue who listens to every word I sing, very intently. Being a singer/songwriter, I soak in every word that I sing, so it's wonderful to know that there's someone out there listening to those messages,” Smith said.

Smith said she is looking forward to tomorrow night’s concert and having an audience who appreciates her and Seymour’s performance. She said the night will be “all about the music.”

According to Smith, she and Seymour plan to put on a “fantastic” show which she hopes people will come out to see. She said it’s important for members of the Greenville community to attend concerts like this one and support local artists.

“By going to shows like these, you support local artists like us and local businesses like Whirligig, a performing arts center that is showcasing Greenville's arts in a new and special way. The best part is you get to have fun in the process,” Smith said.

Jeff Blinder, the founder of Spazz Presents who plans music gigs and concerts in the Greenville area, said Seymour has been one of the main contributors to Greenville’s music scene and has made it accessible to other musicians.

Blinder said Seymour brings personality and experience to his performances and often finds venues that aren’t as well known in the area to host live music events. Seymour often hosts open mic nights which give other artists the opportunity to come out and perform in front of an audience, Blinder said.

“Besides all he does for the music community he is also a fine performer and his vision and passion is something I haven’t seen in the 15 years I’ve been involved in Greenville’s music community,” Blinder said.

According to Blinder, Seymour has performed at almost every venue in the Greenville community, but does some of his best shows at Whirligig Stage, because he works with the space to put on a great show.

For more information on tomorrow night’s concert, visit the event’s Facebook page or Whirligig’s website, or call Whirligig at (252)-689-8092

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