Halsey's album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom features “Hopeless” by Halsey ft. Cashmere Cat from Danielle's playlist.

Danielle Schmid is an Arts & Entertainment reporter for The East Carolinian. Danielle’s Discover Weekly is back with a fresh playlist for readers to listen to throughout the week.

“Help Me Out” by Alicks

The number five song this week has an eerily disturbing feel to it. “Help Me Out” is a deep, dark tune that sooths the soul with its romantic and repetitive lyrics. “Will you please come back, help me out,” these lyrics are repeated throughout the entire song. The song carries a helpless tone that lures you in. Everything about this song is intense. The vocals, the lyrics and even the beat have a slow deep feel. This really reflects the artist and his style. Alicks’ beats and lyrics generally have a slow steady feel and like his songs, he’s kind of mysterious.


“Hopeless” by Halsey ft. Cashmere Cat

“Hopeless,” coming in at number four, is a calm, heart-wrenching hit with a robotic, futuristic chorus. This slow sound isn’t something Cashmere Cat usually does, however, it works with the vibe of the song. His usual stuff brings odd mixes and sharp sounds, while “Hopeless” brings softer, drawn-out sounds. The ghostly vocals behind this dramatic song come from the lyrical genius Halsey. She brings lines like, “Cause you know the good die young and so did this and so it must be better than I think it is.” Between his elaborate sounds and her passionate lyrics and vocals, the two bring a romantic spin to the EDM world.


“Under Your Skin” by Seeb and R. City

The number three song this week puts a twist on the usual pop love song. Artist Chloe Angelides brings female control to this tune. She brings an explosion of lyrics and is the wow factor to this tropical hit. Seeb is an up and coming Norwegian trio that’s worked with artists such as Coldplay, Neev and Simen Eriksrud. The boys began in 2015 and are now beginning to bring their Norwegian hits to the United States. “Under Your Skin” is an upbeat tropical single that features R. City who has a confident straight up vibe. The two singers hype each other up in this single and have serious chemistry.


“Too Soon” by Vanic ft. Maty Noyes

At number two this week, “Too Soon” is a single that was released in January of this year. Forbes’ Electric Breakout Artist, Vanic, produced the song and is just now beginning to hit mainstream. With only one semester of business school left, Vanic dropped out and did what he had to do to make it. Vanic teamed up with 20-year-old Maty Noyes and brought an original sound to the table. The upbeat breakup song features bass beats and new tropical electric sounds. Vanic recently performed at Bonnaroo and has gained a game changing amount of popularity on Youtube and other social media platforms since dropping out.


“Sovereign” by Just A Gent & Kasbo ft. Jon

No matter how old this song gets it will still be a good one. The number one song this week, “Sovereign” is over four years old now and still has the it factor to be a straight hit in 2017. In 2013, most DJ’s were either pounding out hardcore dubstep tracks or more calming chill house music. This hit, before it’s time, brings a mixture of both and most likely opened the doors for many known DJs now. “Sovereign” starts off only with instrumentals, including piano and violin mixed with beats by Just A Gent; this mixture then leads into a calming high pitch sound over a soft vocal that adds a chilling feature to hype up the chorus. The chorus breaks into a display of sharp and electric sounds that bring the intensity.


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