The front of the Greenville Museum of Art.

East Carolina University's Belk Distinguished Professor of Art, Linda Adele Goodine, will introduce her new exhibit Blue Jackal Under the Tree tomorrow evening at 6 located at The Greenville Museum of Art.

Director of the Greenville Museum of Art, Trista Reis Porter, said that the series dives into issues of caste systems, power, water, and agriculture in both rural and urban India. Porter explained the exhibition evolved from a photo series into a celebration and a close look into Indian culture.

The museum has had several faculty exhibits on display before, according to Porter. Goodine has spoken at the museum on several occasions, but this will be her first exhibit. Her exhibit is named after an Indian folktale, Blue Jackal Under the Tree. The folktale focuses on being true to yourself, regardless of what others expect from you.

“Ultimately as an artist, you’re taking who you are wherever you may go, you always observe and try to be an objective observer, and not change yourself,” Porter said. “Linda wanted to be treated as who she is and for what she does, while learning to embrace and celebrate this other culture.”

Goodine received a Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Flex award in 2017 to study water scarcity and water abundance in India. She also completed a year of research on the culture and history of India, water scarcity, and the position that women play in labor, according to Porter.

Goodine mentioned how the influence and power of water is a universal thread throughout India and her goal was to return home to Pitt County with an exhibit to display.

“It’s a common experience that runs through the rural parts of India, references land use and the environmental prices that we find ourselves facing, it’s the interception of the female body, the land, and the water,” Goodine said. “I also composed large textile displays, three soundscapes, and four films that will be projected throughout the exhibit and there will be live flowers in the entrances to walk through into the galleries.”

Goodine’s assistant, Rishi Nangia, is from India and was first introduced to Goodine during one of her visits. The two met in 2013, when Goodine was a visiting professor at his university in India. After reconnecting five years later, Nangia began travelling with her to work on Blue Jackal Under the Tree.

“It was a beautiful experience, she comes from her artistic perspective, I come from my philosophy background and I sort of came into the picture from the eastern perspective, and she came from the western,” Nangia said. “I got to learn a lot of things from her, while adding my own perspective.”

The duo visited over ten cities and rural areas across India to document photos for the exhibit including Pune, Rishikesh, Devprayag, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa and Coorg.

“I think the exhibit will articulate a magical place- India. And it will speak highly of the culture one might find there and show the discovery of beauty and generosity,” Goodine said.

Admission for the exhibit is free to the public. The opening reception will begin tomorrow night at 6 and remain open until 8. From 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. there will be an exclusive preview for members of The Greenville Museum of Art.

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