The Board of Trustees in session.

Monday morning, two members of East Carolina University’s Board of Trustees, Phil Lewis and Robert Moore, were accused of allegedly offering financial and political support to a student who may run for president of the Student Government Association.

In a resolution released by the UNC Association of Student Governments (UNCASG), it was revealed that UNCASG received a letter from the leadership of the East Carolina University Board of Trustees on Jan. 18 that claimed that Lewis and Moore had offered a student financial support in order to run for Student Body President.

“These two trustees allegedly offered financial support of the student’s potential campaign; and, the two trustees allegedly offered to use their positions to obtain student information that could be of use to the student’s potential campaign,” the resolution said.

The East Carolinian reached out to both Moore and Lewis for a statement on the issue and both members gave the same statement, cited below.

“We have been made aware of the allegations and have faith that the University Governance committee of the UNC Board of Governors will gather all relevant information and facts. We have confidence they will make an appropriate decision,” the statement from both Lewis and Moore said.

After reaching out to Colin Johnson, ECU’s SGA president on Monday morning, he agreed to give a statement, but neglected to follow up.

The last SGA election was held in spring of 2019, with candidates including president Colin Johnson and his running mate, Taylor Chappell. Also in the running this past spring were Shelby Hudson and AJ Modlin for president.

Lewis and Moore were appointed into the ECU Board of Trustees in early July 2019, along with Thomas Segrave, Angela Moss and Thomas Furr. Notably, Lewis and Moore are previously cited in the report released by international law firm, Womble Bond and Dickinson, who were hired to look into the events surrounding Dan Gerlach’s controversial night in downtown Greenville in September.

On Sept. 30 at 10:04 a.m., the report detailed that both Robert Moore and Phil Lewis received an email regarding Gerlach from John Q Public, the anonymous email account that sent out the original media packages of Dan Gerlach to media outlets, and was subsequently wiped from all records.

The resolution called for the UNC BOG to investigate the situation to determine the outcome for Lewis and Moore.

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