The East Carolina University Chancellor Search Committee met to speak about selecting several candidates on Tuesday.

The East Carolina University Chancellor Search Committee received its formal charge from University of North Carolina System Interim President Bill Roper on Tuesday and began the overview of the search process toward the next step in finding ECU’s next leader. 


The meeting included all 20 members of the search committee including Chair of the ECU Board of Trustees, Vern Davenport, who will serve as the chair of the ECU Chancellor Search Committee. Davenport began the meeting with an emphasis on the responsibility the committee has to discover the 12th chancellor for ECU. 


“We are looking for someone who is going to lead this place for the next decade or so,” Davenport said. “Our expectations are very high, so finding that individual is a very humbling responsibility that we have and I’m honored that I am going to be on that journey.”    


Davenport then covered the conflict of interest statement to inform members of their responsibility while on the committee and turned over to Roper.


Roper said the qualities of the individual selected to be the next chancellor are set extremely high. He stated that the search will be difficult for the committee, but ensured the process will be a team effort. 


“It will not be easy or simple, there are going to be a number of meetings in the near future,” Roper said. “This is more of how can we work together toward out mutually sought aim of finding the right person to come and be the next chancellor of this great institution.”


Roper then asked the committee to sign a statement regarding confidentiality of the search process before leaving the meeting once it ended created by ECU Interim University Counsel Paul Zigas. 


Each member of the committee are unable to discuss any information during the search process. He stated all information regarding possible candidates and who they are will be kept from the public until the new chancellor is announced during the summer of 2020. 


“You just simply have to say I can’t talk to you about this search, and that's a requirement that’s imposed on you,” Roper said. “You can’t ever talk about this search because there will be things that come up in the course of this committee and the trustees under their action and the board of governors actions that are just important confident personal information.”


Senior Associate Vice President for Leadership Development and Talent Acquisition of the UNC system, Lynn Duffy, presented the committee through the search process overview concluding Ropers statement regarding confidentiality to the committee.


Duffy stated now that the search committee has developed, applicants will be invited and nominations will be accepted. For pirate nation to gain its input, open forums will be held on campus, according to Duffy.    


“It is very important that these forums are open and provide input from all pirate community,” Duffy said. “We want to hear from students, from alumni, from faulty, from staff, these are opportunities for these individuals to talk about the charaticist that they want in their new chancellor.”


The search process will narrow down from 15 to 20 candidates, to eight to 10 candidates, then finally four to five candidates who will be invited for an on campus visit. After the campus visits, initial references and complete background check will conclude the selection process before the final stage of hiring a new chancellor, according to Duffy.  


Zigas presented the committee with the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) after the search overview process was completed. He said the NDA includes details of the confidentiality of the search as already previously mentioned by Davenport. 


“Anything and everything you receive information wise is to be treated his highly confidential it is not to be disclosed to any third party,” Zigas said. “No one here is individually authorized to speak for the committee during the process and it is important to remember that.” 


Once signed by each member, Davenport offered his closing statements. He said the individual selected not only has to be aligned with everything ECU does as a university, but must fit into our culture.   


“I do not expect that we will find the perfect candidate, because I do not believe that person exist, but do expect we will find the perfect person,” Davenport said. 


The complete timeline of the search process and steps taken to select the new chancellor can be found on the ECU chancellor search website


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