Virginia Hardy

East Carolina University's Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Virginia Hardy

In response to the recent announcement made by East Carolina University Interim Chancellor Ron Mitchelson regarding the extension of spring break until March 20 and the shift to online instruction as of March 23 due to the spread COVID-19, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Virginia Hardy has sent a statement to all ECU students with personal advice on how to handle the outbreak.

Hardy begins her statement informing students that the decision made by the University of North Carolina System on March 11 that all universities within the system will transition to online instruction and course delivery was made with the best interest of students in mind.

Hardy said her best advice for students is to practice habits such as proper hand washing, covering their cough and getting enough rest.

“The best advice I can give to all of you is to prioritize your health and well-being with simple but powerful habits like getting enough sleep (difficult, I know), washing your hands for 20 seconds, and covering your cough,” Hardy said in the announcement.

However, Hardy said in the announcement that students are allowed to return to campus despite classes not being in session at this time but everyone must maintain social distancing (6ft or 2meters). The university is evaluating operating hours and procedures for all campus locations and will share more information when it’s available, according to Hardy.

Instructors are planning their classes accordingly to new alternatives, Hardy said in the statement, so instructors will decide how to perform their class whether it is online or special assignment. Instructors have the extended spring break to fix their lessons plans so class may resume March 23.

“Instructors are currently preparing their plans for providing coursework via alternate means, which may include online instruction and/or special assignments. Instructors are evaluating all classes in collaboration with academic leadership,” Hardy said in the announcement.

Hardy ends the announcement by informing students that ECU will continue to monitor COVID-19 and states that ECU is committed to provide support to students, friends and family during this time.

Up-to-date information on COVID-19 can be found on the ECU coronavirus website.

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