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Members of the East Carolina University Chancellor Search Committee gather for a meeting in December. 

Unnamed members of the East Carolina University chancellor search committee have disclosed to NC Policy Watch that North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore is considering the role of ECU chancellor. By doing so, the committee members may have violated the NDA they signed at the beginning of the search process.

When reaching out to Tim Moore, director of communications for his office, Joseph Kyzer, provided a statement as spokesperson for Tim Moore.

“Speaker Moore is seeking re-election to the state House in 2020, plans to run for another term as Speaker if elected, and is focused on serving higher education students and campuses through his position in the General Assembly,” Kyzer said.

Robert Moore, the ECU Board of Trustees member who resigned in mid-February following his scandal with fellow member Phil Lewis, addressed his resignation letter to Tim Moore.

In this letter, Robert Moore insinuates Tim Moore is considering the chancellorship, by wishing him luck.

In a radio interview last night with Troy Dreyfuss on Pirate Radio, Dreyfuss asked Robert Moore in the interview if House Speaker Moore is pursuing the chancellor position, citing the line in his resignation letter.

“No question, they’re (the chancellor search committee) pursuing him. He’s often in Greenville. He meets with the chamber in a couple of weeks,” Robert Moore said in the interview with Pirate Radio.

When reaching out to Robert Moore for commentary on his letter, he said he stands by everything in the resignation letter. He said he does not know who the two members were who disclosed information to NC Policy Watch.

“I’m not on the search committee. You probably saw the last line in my resignation letter. I stand behind anything that I put out there, which hasn’t been much. There are obviously members on the search committee that talked to NC Policy Watch that are interested in talking. I don’t know who those folks were,” Robert Moore said.

The identity of the chancellor search committee members who spoke to NC Policy Watch remains anonymous. Vern Davenport, head of the committee and chair of the ECU Board of Trustees, said he doesn’t know who disclosed the information.

“We are just now reaching the phase of our chancellor search process where we have advertised the opportunity to people and established the leadership statement. We’re not even at a phase where we have entertained candidates per say. There’s nothing to disclose at this point in time,” Davenport said.

The chancellor search committee has spent the last three months focusing on listening sessions with ECU students, faculty, staff and alumni. Davenport said 10 to 12 sessions were held over the three month period, along with over 3,500 surveys completed by ECU alumni online.

Davenport emphasized that the only role of the committee currently is to distill the information from these listening sessions and surveys into what Pirate Nation wants in a future chancellor. These criteria have now been stated in the leadership statement released by the committee last week.

“Referencing any commentary that anyone would have made about anybody: it would be inappropriate. Whether it was done before or in the future. It’s unfair to a candidate, unfair to the process of trying to find the right person for this opportunity, and unfair to the university which is why this is and will remain a confidential search,” Davenport said.

Davenport reiterated that candidate names have not yet been discussed by the search committee at this time. He concluded by mentioning how detrimental it is to a search process and potential candidates to reveal names of those who wish to pursue the position of chancellor.

Updated information about the chancellor search committee can be found on the committee website.

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Unnamed members of the East Carolina University chancellor search committee have disclosed to NC Policy

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