Construction on Greene, a 10-story tall, 85,000-square-foot residence hall located on ECU’s campus began in May 2018, according to the North Carolina Department of Administration’s website.

East Carolina University’s Greene Residence Hall will be open and newly renovated for incoming students before the fall 2019 semester begins, while other residence halls on campus are undergoing inspections and cleaning.

Bill McCartney, associate vice chancellor of Campus Living and Dining Services, said the Greene renovation is the third of the three tower renovations which include White, Clement and Greene Residence Halls.

“This is the third of the three Tower renovations that have been completed at a cost of approximately $74 million,” McCartney said. “This combined project has restored to new the condition of over 1,100 beds of student housing that will serve generations of students coming to ECU.”

According to Aaron Lucier, Greene will be completed as planned in August before students arrive back to ECU for the fall semester.

Construction on Greene, a 10-story tall, 85,000-square-foot residence hall located on ECU’s campus began in May 2018, according to the North Carolina Department of Administration’s website.

Lucier said the construction at Greene is very similar to the work done in White Residence Hall and Clement Residence Hall. He said Greene was stripped down to its core and has been transformed into a brand new building “essentially.”

Lucier said building code issues were addressed in the renovation, and the building is now up to date and safe for students. He said the building also received a new energy-efficient outside shell with better insulation.

Greene Hall also received numerous “aesthetic updates” which include all new finishes in the rooms, bathrooms and hallways, according to Lucier. The ground floor was reorganized to be more efficient for students and the laundry room was relocated to the lobby.

Lucier said although there might be an increase in the number of people wanting to live in Greene due to the renovations, each residence hall has its perks.

“People find that each building has its own character and its own community,” Lucier said. “It’s important to make sure we have desirable facilities that are up to date but at the same time I think kids should be able to have a good experience in any building at our school.”

Lucier said he believes the Greene renovation will be a positive addition to ECU’s campus and thinks students will feel the same way.

According to Lucier, Greene will become a co-ed dorm as it was previously an all women's dorm. He said Cotten Hall remained an all women's residence hall after its renovation last year.

Lucier said other renovations on campus include ventilation upgrades in Fletcher Hall to improve humidity control and air circulation in the building. He said new flooring is being installed in Garrett Hall and the carpet will be removed and replaced with vinyl tile in individual rooms.

“The rooms used to be carpeted but there were concerns with allergens and who was using the room before, so we decided to replace it with vinyl composite tile,” Lucier said.

Lucier said each building on campus is visited by a “summer building inspection team” who assess the building, perform minor maintenance tasks and report any problems within the building.

Each building is then visited by a housekeeping team, according to Lucier, and then each room will receive a final inspection by the building resident assistant before opening to students.

“Presumably each room would have maintenance or be inspected three times before the student moves into it,” Lucier said.

Lucier said these inspection processes have already begun for certain buildings on campus with higher priority, and the rest of the buildings will be inspected afterward.

Ryan Moran, a junior finance major at ECU, said she’s happy the construction will be completed on time.

“It’s taken a little while but I think they completed it (Greene) relatively quickly,” Moran said. “It’s definitely good it’ll be open before the new students arrive.”

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