ecu dowdy stadium crowd

From left: Cameron Whitson, Braedon daSilva and Julian Lopez cheer along with the rest of Pirate Nation in the stands of Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium.

The North Carolina House of Representatives has approved House Bill 389 (HB 389) which would allow the sale of beer and wine at all athletics events at University of North Carolina System schools.

The legislation was introduced into the NC House by NC House Majority Leader John Bell of Wayne County and NC Senate Majority Whip Rick Gunn of Alamance County.

The bill had a total of 112 votes, (87 “ayes” and 25 “noes”) with 45 of the confirmation votes coming from Democrats and 42 coming from Republicans.

According to the North Carolina General Assembly website, the bill has made its way to the Senate and passed its first reading and “Ref to Com. on Rules and Operations of the Senate” as of Wednesday afternoon.

According to a release from Rep. Bell, the bill was approved by the NC House on Tuesday. After it was passed in the House, it has now moved on to the Senate in order to become a law. The bill also has the support of 14 of the 15 UNC System schools that have athletic programs, with the only exception being the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

Bell said in his statement that with the sale of alcohol is available at private North Carolina universities and premium seating at public schools right now. But with HB 389, alcohol will be made available for all legal-age fans at public universities regardless of seats.

“By giving NC public universities the option to sell beer and wine at athletic events, this bill will improve safety and encourage local economic development,” Bell said in the statement.

According to the statement, statistics show when schools allow the sale of alcohol, the number of alcohol-related incidents dramatically drops.

Senator Gunn said in his statement he “applauds” the NC House and Bell for passing what he feels to be an important bill and taking it one step closer to becoming law.

“I look forward to continuing this effort in the NC Senate to level the playing field of alcohol sales at athletic events for our public college and universities,” Gunn said in the statement. “This is a great economic move and a common sense measure that enhances the game day experience for college sports fans.”

Amelia Coleman, a junior marketing and supply management major, said she found out about HB 389 the day it was passed and feels the implementation of the bill would lower the number of students who pregame at sporting events.

Coleman said while the bill is considered to be important for others, she doesn’t feel it will affect her very much. Coleman also said she expects the alcoholic drinks sold at athletic games to be expensive.

“I think students are going to drink regardless,” Coleman said. “I think, honestly, it’s safe, I mean especially if you’re over-age you don’t have to ‘pregame’ and if you want you can continue to drink.”

Forest Lowry, a junior sports studies major, agrees with Coleman. Lowry said he feels students will continue to pregame for game days because it is a part of the culture that the students have created throughout the years.

However, Lowry said he feels the bill is a good idea and “a smart move” to add a source of revenue for the athletics department and the university as a whole.

“I think if ECU goes about it in the right way and adds in all the necessary precautions to prevent people from drinking underage or from underage people from getting a hold of drinks when they’re at games,” Lowry said.

Lowry said he will continue to tailgate, but will enjoy the added feature of being able to drink in the stadium and thinks it will make the gameday experience “even more memorable and more exciting for all students.”

“I’ll go and I’ll have a few drinks here and there,” Lowry said. “I think it’ll just create a better experience for me as a part of the student body and getting to experience something different.”

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