Ron Mitchelson with his assistant

Interim Chancellor Ron Mitchelson with his assistant Christy.

Amidst the struggles students may face during COVID-19, East Carolina University Interim Chancellor Ron Mitchelson released an email statement to students on April 8 to commemorate their hard work and remind them to stay hopeful during this time.  

Many may be facing difficult adjustments and would prefer to be back on campus, in the classrooms and among campus organizations again, according to Mitchelson’s statement. 

Mitchelson said his statement that he feels especially bad for the Class of 2020 and said there will be a virtual commencement on May 8 and there is more information about the virtual commencement in the near future.

“And yes Class of 2020, we are planning some special in-person celebrations for you, pandemic permitting, in the fall. We won’t let this virus steal your thunder!,” Mitchelson said in his statement. 

The statement also said quitting is not an option for Pirates and people shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to student resources like the Pirate Academic Success Center or University Writing Center. 

Communicating with professors, advisors, the Dean of Students or Mitchelson himself is encouraged as well, according to Mitchelson’s statement. 

“I’ve been at ECU for decades and I have known thousands of students. This is what I have come to know, Pirates are resilient and gritty,” Mitchelson’s statement said. “Grind this out and let’s get back to normal.”

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