Alpha Gamma Delta sisters Emily Roberts, Olivia Nelson and Ashley Cooke sit on the steps of the sorority's house. 

East Carolina University Greek organizations have elected new presidents and board members within the last two weeks. The sisterhoods and brotherhoods took to social media to announce and congratulate the new leaders that will lead them into 2020.

Former president of Alpha Omicron Pi in 2019, Taylor Chappell, has been re-elected as president for the new year. She said that the election process is an exciting time for the house, as it determines some future aspects of the sorority and Omicron Pi has had a significant impact on her experience at East Carolina.

“Being president of a sorority has been one of the more challenging things I have had to experience,” Chappell said. “The people I have been able to meet and the events I have been a part of have helped to shape who I am as a leader.”

Chappell said throughout the elections, the sisters must evaluate the new leaders based on their eligibility and their ability to be the face of all of Alpha Omicron’s future endeavors as a sisterhood. The voting process ended Dec. 17 and followed with the 24 new board members announced and officialized.

“Being reelected has allowed me to have an advantage as I have already been able to assess what our sorority needs this upcoming semester,” Chappell said.

Chappell said that Alpha Omicron Pi will be celebrating its 60th anniversary on campus, and will throw alumni events and will plan the annual Rose Ball. Alpha Omicron Pi’s three main values includes love, inspiration and ambition, which will be present in these celebrations, according to Chappell.

Chi Omega is among the sororities which have announced their newly elected officers on social media. Newly elected recruitment director and sophomore Savannah Slade said that Chi Omega is thrilled to see this group of new board members.

“Our former leaders really set a great example of how to run our sisterhood and set a good foundation for how to meet our goals,” Slade said.

Slade said that Chi Omega has set goals for the upcoming semester already. This includes raising money for the Make a Wish Foundation, more volunteer work on and off-campus and working with other sisterhoods.

“Every girl is going to bring something new and great on the executive board, everyone is familiar with one another and will work well as sisters,” Slade said.

Newly elected president of Kappa Delta and junior biology major Allison Priest said that her time involved with Greek life has shaped her into a confident leader. As the former vice president of operations, Priest said she gained a lot of experience and is excited about stepping into the role of president.

“Living in the house and being an extrovert has made me a lot more confident, and I’m excited to grow closer to each of the new board members, living together has created a super positive experience,” Priest said.

Priest was nominated through the slate process by her former president. Due to no other competitors, she was announced the new president of Kappa Delta on Nov. 10. In addition to the assistance of the Chapter Advisory Board, Kappa Delta voted for each new leader through paper ballots.

“The Chapter Advisory Board is a great way for us as leaders to ask any questions about running the house, or making decisions,” Priest said. “When we vote, the committee also has alumnis who will help and hear our speeches before everyone votes.”

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