As we prepare to turn in final projects and final assignments before the last day of class, one of the biggest things that will be on the minds of students all over will be final exams. While these exams may put a certain amount of pressure on students, I believe that students can find a sense of balance and not overdo it at the end of the day.

When I say do not overdo it, I mean do not do so much at once to where you end making yourself sick or weakening your immune system because you have chosen to put so much pressure on yourself. There are those of us who will probably have to pull an all-nighter studying for these exams and putting together these last projects and presentations. Sleep deprivation will end up becoming a big problem for students across the board during the exam period.

Healthline published an article back on April 19, that spoke on the impacts and symptoms of sleep deprivation. They said that when we are sleep deprived that it becomes difficult to be able to concentrate and/or learn new things. What that is saying is that we might think that we are functioning and taking in all of this information when are spending hours and hours studying going over powerpoints, notes, and previous tests perhaps. Too much studying and not enough sleep will not equal success more times than not, you have to find balance between studying and getting a good night’s sleep.

Sleep deprivation can also cause us as students to weaken our immune systems. This time of year more students find themselves getting sick, especially with the transition from fall to winter weather. Not getting enough sleep will add to the level of sickness that can perhaps take over the East Carolina University campus. Key thing is for students to take the time to actually get some good quality sleep at night. We may try and use caffeine or coffee to keep us awake so we can study as much as we can for these final tests.

After Dec. 3, students will not have to worry about going to class except for their final exams. We will be able to put in a good amount of hours we see fit to study for our exams. Even when there may possibly be multiple exams students will have to take in one day, they can still study as much as they need to without relying on an all-nighter.

Doing so much at the end of the day will mess students up more than they realize whether it is as a result of the grades they may get or if it’s the after effects of getting through such a time in the life of a college student. I want to reiterate my key point, please do not overdo it because it will end up causing more problems for students all across the board. Stay focused, do not get too stressed and finish the semester strong.

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