I personally feel that Dan Gerlach should be reinstated as East Carolina University’s interim chancellor.

During the short time he has been working on campus, Gerlach has made a positive impact on campus. He is always walking around campus to engage with all students, faculty, and staff. Students here enjoy his presence as he is very approachable and genuine about making a difference at our campus. I personally have held multiple conversations with Mr. Gerlach and the way he is being perceived in those videos is far from his true personality.

For the past two summers I have worked at ECU as an Orientation Assistant and traditionally we have guest speakers who speak to the students at the beginning of the first day. Interim chancellor Gerlach spoke during every orientation session this past summer, which was the first time a chancellor had done that.

He interacted with many families to help ensure to both student and parent that East Carolina University was the perfect choice for the student. After the 10th and final session, Gerlach bought the entire orientation staff ice cream from the student center confectionary. While we ate he impressed us all by identifying each staff member and reciting every oa’s name and identifying their hometown. This is not something that was asked of him, but something he wanted to do to show his gratitude for all of the work we did for 10 sessions.

It’s not his fault that Greenville only has limited hangouts, so it was inevitable that eventually he would cross paths with students at some point. He was in a bar that allows people that are at least 21 years old to enjoy alcohol.

He wasn’t taking shots or acting in a drunk and disorderly manner. He was an adult man trying to enjoy himself after a hard day of work. Honestly we wouldn’t even be in this mess if whoever took the pictures would have just minded their own business.

In conclusion, the UNC board of trustees should reinstate Dan Gerlach as he is one of the greatest chancellors this school has ever had.

-Jared Willis, Class of 2017

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