We, the editorial staff of The East Carolinian, appreciate the hard work and effort given by academic advisors to assist students with obtaining the courses they need to graduate on time.

However, we believe that the phrase “finish in four” promoted by East Carolina University is unrealistic for some students. It is not uncommon for students to be involved with extra activities and work outside of school. Though 12 credit hours considers a student to be full time, advisors tend to push students toward taking more courses per semester they can handle in order to “finish in four.”

Rather than focusing on time efficiency, advisors should be more concerned with how many credit hours a student can handle and if they will obtain information from their courses. The idea of a student needing an extra semester to graduate outside of the four years should not be looked down upon. Attending a university for a student should be about how much knowledge they are able to gain, not how fast they are able to do so.

We believe advisors should still motivate students to graduate in a timely manner, but allow more freedom to students who need more time than expected to earn their degree. Additionally, advisors should inform students what classes are and are not offered each semester, so students are aware of the schedule they must follow to graduate by a certain date.

Though some students have the goal of “finishing in four,” this is not a reality for every student and both ECU and academic advisors need to accommodate to everyone apart of pirate nation to allow those to receive the best education possible.

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Tom Banton

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