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While East Carolina University is a public university and freedom of speech is allowed, we, the editorial staff of The East Carolinian, believe that the claims made on Monday that abortion was equivalent to slavery and genocide were offensive and inaccurate.

These claims made campus unsafe and the images were triggering to many students. Students are entitled to an abortion and should be able to make decisions that the believe are right for themselves and their body.

Members of the ECU community do have relatives that were victims of genocide and have been directly impacted by genocide. A woman’s choice to decide whether or not she is ready to be a mother is not the same as genocide.

Students should not be shamed while walking to class for a decision they made they felt was right for them. In the past other “activist” have been on campus who have slut shamed women and asked them about their virginity.

Students have expressed that they feel unsafe whenever hate speech is being preached on campus. Bringing up the painful past of genocide is not going to convince people to not get an abortion.

Abortion is not genocide. Abortion is a decision made by a woman who knows what is right for her and her body.

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