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The immense success of the East Carolina University baseball team has continuous outgoing effects into the Greenville community. The team was nationally ranked at No. 6 by the end of the regular season, and No. 10 within the NCAA College Baseball tournament.

The success of the team creates lots of excitement between all fans, including residents and college students alike. The effect on the economy also has a huge effect on the community, as the money made from the baseball team’s success can be put towards various public works projects throughout the city.

We, the editorial staff of The East Carolinian, believe that the success of the ECU baseball team has a positive and exponential effect on the economy and the morale of the Greenville community.

This year, Greenville hosted a NCAA Baseball Regional Tournament, which had three other teams travel to the city to play in several games.

According to Greenville Mayor P.J. Connelly, last year’s Greenville Regional Tournament brought in about $1.2 million to the city. This is not surprising, because not only do the participating teams come to Greenville, but their fan bases come as well.

All participants and fans are using hotels, eating in local restaurants, paying for public parking and spending money in the city while the tournament is going on.

It is clear that the success of the baseball team has lead to quite an effect on the city of Greenville. Whether it is economically or emotionally, ECU baseball has a positive effect on the city and its residents.

When ECU wins, so does the city around it.

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