Today marks the first day of the 2020 spring semester at East Carolina University. Students from a plethora of states have all made the odyssey back to Greenville, NC for the start of classes.

Various administrators and staff are excited to welcome students back to campus, with some even offering advice to students for the coming semester.

Interim chancellor Ron Michelson mentioned that if students want to be successful in the spring, they should focus on getting their work done before play.

“There’s no substitute for a good work ethic,” Mitchelson said.

We, the editorial staff of The East Carolinian, are excited to welcome back all students to ECU for the spring semester and hope they have a successful semester.

Once they find their classes, we encourage students to use time in between classes wisely. As mentioned by Mitchelson, it is important to be able to balance school and other fun activities that come with being a student at ECU.

Although there are many events that are put on by the school for students, it is important to prioritize classes and homework first.

There are many resources that can help students get organized and plan out their schedules. Advisors are here to help, as they have many resources to give students the tools for success to balance the busy life of a college student.

Also, there are also events that ECU will host to help students hone their skills, like workshops to help study and organize schedules. Checking on ECU’s events calendar on the website will provide students with the date on the time of those events.

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