North Carolina residents may have lost the opportunity to experience their favorite live music, but several Greenville musicians are finding other ways to entertain and lift the spirits of fans.

RealRecords founder Heather Macintyre and partner Dre of the East are putting on a livestream show on YouTube in replacement of a show that was cancelled because of the coronavirus. The show was to feature several eastern North Carolina rappers and hip hop artists.

We, the editorial staff of The East Carolinian, believe that with social distancing recommendations cancelling in-person concerts and musical events, social media and livestream performances are a perfect way to spread positivity through this time.

Any event cancellation is in no way a happy experience for all those involved, as the venue manager, performers and scheduled vendors are all losing money and fans are left disappointed to miss out on seeing the musicians perform.

A great way that local artists are looking to improve the situation is through livestream events, concerts, call-in Q&A sessions and panel discussions on social media. Macintyre is one in the music industry looking to connect Greenville to the national music scene and to create more positivity through the streams.

Dre also has the intention to connect with fans, as he will keep up with his social media account. He also recommended that fans follow their favorite artists on social media and turn on post notifications, so that they do not miss anything.

Doing so may give people a much needed distraction from the sadness that may come from self-isolation and quarantine, especially if they are by themselves.

Music is often seen as something that can heal in tough times, so one can only hope that it can heal and help during a time as mentally and physically trying as the COVID-19 outbreak.

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