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The Hall of Fame wall located inside of Minges Coliseum. 

Meghan McCallion was inducted in 2017 for her accomplishments on the ECU women’s soccer team. As a forward, her high scoring ability earned her many accolades during her career to compliment her place in the hall.

East Carolina’s Hall of Fame inducts a number of former Pirates every year from various sports to celebrate their success during their collegiate career. There are many athletes who have had great careers, and their significance is celebrated with their place in the exclusive group. This is a great honor to receive as a student-athlete.

Many Pirates come to East Carolina looking to change the course of their sports history, but in comparison, only a select few are immortalized with their position in the ECU Hall of Fame.

Being inducted into the Hall of Fame is a process that requires more than just great athletic ability. Former ECU athletes must be nominated to be considered, and then they must meet the right criteria in order to be fully inducted. Certain aspects such as academics and post-collegiate career are considered before induction.

“Anybody can nominate a former student-athlete, but just because they are nominated it doesn’t mean it will move forward,” ECU Hall of Fame coordinator, Sonni Minton said. “It has to meet the bylaws, and there are certain bylaws in place.”

“I first got the call that I was being inducted and I was extremely honored,” McCallion said. “I had to fly down, they had a whole event planned, there was a dinner, then we went out onto the football field. It was just a really special day, the whole weekend was actually amazing.”

She is ECU’s all-time leader in points with 96 and goals with 39. As a freshman, she was given recognition very quickly by being placed on the All-Conference USA freshman team in 2002. Over the course of her career, McCallion earned a spot on the All-Conference USA first-team in both 2003 and 2004. In 2003, she also was put on the All-Southeast Region third-team.

The memories and friendships of her college life are very valuable to her. McCallion loved being a part of the soccer team and enjoyed the fun times that it brought. She remembers the traveling, and the cities she was able to see during away games. The people, however, were the best experience for her. The team she was surrounded by is still significant to her, and she keeps up with them to this day.

McCallion graduated from East Carolina in 2005 with a degree in marketing. She worked on Wall Street in Manhattan for 10 years before taking a pause in her career. She is very grateful to have been able to start a family and raise two daughters with her husband. McCallion says she kicks the ball around occasionally, but looks to pass the torch to the next generation of athletes through her family, despite the northern environment she lives in.

“My daughter, who’s three, I just signed her up for a little fall league and I was her coach,” McCallion said. “I’m trying to give back a little bit, but lacrosse is very big up here.”

ECU stood out to McCallion while she was searching for a place to begin her career. She was being recruited by multiple schools, but she was searching for the perfect fit. She loved being a part of a team and valued that aspect. The Pirates’ women’s soccer team seemed to be the missing piece for McCallion when she made her decision to commit to East Carolina.

“When I went to go visit all these schools, my biggest thing was the group of girls that I was going to be playing with, who I was going to be spending my four years with,” McCallion said. “And when I went to ECU, I just fell in love with the group of girls. I thought they were awesome. I definitely felt like they were a team and also a family. That's what I was really looking for. I was happy to find the whole package at ECU.”

McCallion’s name has been set in stone as a Pirate. Her career is one that deserves to be recognized, and has been immortalized by the East Carolina Hall of Fame. The recognition is greatly appreciated by McCallion, who is proud to call herself a Pirate.

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