Logyn Estes against George Washington University - 2020

Freshman right-handed pitcher Logyn Estes throwing a pitch during the game against George Washington University.

In the final day of the Pirate Clash, the East Carolina University softball team (5-5, 0-0 AAC) advanced their home record to 3-2 with another win over George Washington University (1-9, 0-0 A10).

With freshman right-handed pitcher Logyn Estes starting in the circle for the second time over the weekend, the Pirates made quick work of shutting out George Washington in the first inning. They then went on to score a run of their own from senior outfielder Olivia Narron.

“I thought Logyn Estes did a really good job in the circle,” head coach Courtney Oliver said. “We decided to come back again with her because I thought she did a really good job against them yesterday afternoon.”

The second inning proved to be very similar, Estes and the rest of the defense held George Washington to zero runs in the top of the inning then proceeded to score another run. This time from junior infielder Ashleigh Inae, bringing the score to 2-0 going into the third inning.

ECU provided a challenge once again for George Washington in the third inning, remaining consistent with defense. Two hits and inconsistent pitching from George Washington gave opportunities for more runs to be scored by the Pirates, but a caught fly ball to the outfield sent them back to the dugout with bases loaded.

With continued focus on the field, ECU continued to shut down the Colonials at the plate. The Pirates went into the fourth inning with a continued two-run lead. Despite a hit from Narron and a steal that eventually found her on third, she was left stranded and didn’t score a run.

“I think we did a really good job of setting ourselves up, setting the bases up,” Oliver said. “We still need to work on that timely hit, but I think we did a great job of putting runners in scoring position and moving them over. We just need to do a little better job about being a little more clutch with runners in scoring position.”

Despite improved batting on behalf of ECU, the fifth and six innings saw more of the same trend, no runs scored on either side. Sophomore infielder Bailey Ledvina advanced to third after her hit but was tagged out as she crossed home plate in the bottom of the sixth.

In the top of the seventh, a double play helped ECU get their three outs needed to completely shut out the Colonials, winning the game for ECU 2-0.

“I think we just came out with a better mindset this morning, wanting to win this game. Having lost to DePaul twice this weekend, just coming out and doing better than we have the last two days,” Estes said.

ECU finished its weekend with a win over Hampton University (4-1, 0-0 Big South) and two wins over George Washington. These three wins gave Oliver her 100th career win. Despite strong efforts the Pirates fell in both games against DePaul University (4-6, 0-0 Big East).

The Pirates will continue their homestand with another five games next weekend starting on Friday at 3 p.m. against the University of Pittsburgh (4-5, 0-0 ACC). Towson University (3-3, 0-0 CAA) and the University of Massachusetts (2-2, 0-0 A10) will also be on the schedule next weekend.

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