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Social media has become a giant influence in today's society, and continues to increase its presence every day. People are especially trying to step up their game, whether posting better quality photos or interactive stories in order to help entertain their audiences. It’s important to analyze the art of Instagram photos and maybe I can help provide some tips to help you produce better content.

The hit app Instagram was founded in 2010, by American, Kevin Systrom and Brazilian-American, Mike Kreiger according to This internet sensation has taken the world by storm, and has given millions of people a platform to post anything of their choosing.

There are many different styles and ways to post on Instagram, some people choose specific themes to convey a message or post in a particular way for a specific reason. One very popular aesthetic that many people use is to filter every one of your posts to black and white. This can convey a serious tone or sad tone, depending on the context of the picture and what the author intends.

Professional photographer Grayson McLester when asked about some different techniques to use said, “I think one of the more important things to familiarize themselves with if they are trying to make their instagram photos more interesting, would be the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is the idea where you split an image into sections with three imaginary lines both horizontally and vertically (leaving you with nine separate quadrants).”

The rule of thirds is used to greatly improve the quality of your pictures through editing. To fully use it, you must place the subject of the image in an intersection of the lines. This will make the picture appear more natural and balanced, according to Mclester. Doing so will help you make your image look more natural while editing.

There are many techniques to use while taking pictures or videos, especially of yourself. One of the best things to improve on is your camera angles, which can make whatever you are picturing look completely different depending on what angle you choose. When facing the camera, I always recommend keeping the camera at an eye level height, and maintaining eye contact with the lens like you would when speaking with a person.

Another angle that is widely used in the photography world is a very low to the ground shot. This conveys a looking up point of view which can provide a different look that you can utilize if desired. Mclester said, “I feel like people don’t typically shoot from either high angles or low angles, people-especially when using their cell phones-tend to just photograph from standing height and that’s it.”

Many people use special apps that can improve your quality of a post. Instagram offers some select edits, but you can also go the extra mile by getting a separate one. A good editing app that could be used is called “Photo Editor-”. This app is free on the apple store, and provides you with many options to customize your posts, it is not yet available on the android app store.

The video editing world can be a little more difficult, but there are apps for all skill levels. A good app to use when starting out is just the generic IMovie which is provided by Apple. IMovie is a very basic editing software but is great for beginners to learn the basics of video editing. A more complex software would be Adobe Premiere Pro, which has a lot more capabilities but is much harder to use than a different software.

One major thing that can greatly improve your Instagram is the use of filters, which can slightly change the look of your picture to improve the overall quality. Instagram has tons of these filters to choose from, and I always recommend looking at every single one before choosing one to use.

Instagram stories are a fairly new addition to Instagram compared to the other things mentioned. Stories are timed photos or videos that can be posted by any user. Many users have started to create more personal and decorative instagram stories, using things such as emojis and other symbols to improve the overall look they are trying to convey.

One of the main things to keep in mind when posting to Instagram, is to ask yourself whether your content provides value to your audience in any way. If so, it is a great post and it will most likely do well. If it does not provide any value, then you should expect to receive less activity on that certain post.

Lastly, an easy way to improve the overall look of your Instagram page is to just keep it simple. Instagram bio’s are a great way to relay information to your viewer. Whether you want to inform them about yourself or display a message, it's a great way to show your viewer what to expect on your page.

As social media has taken today's society by storm, more and more people are looking to continuously improve their profiles. The best way to continue to have good quality posts is to keep up with the new trends and be yourself.

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