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East Carolina University (ECU) senior Alyssa Fennell orders food through ECU’s new GrubHub system. 


The use of food delivery applications such as DoorDash and UberEats have grown immensely since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Food delivery services have greatly helped many Americans when going to a restaurant is not always an option. Darin Brown, a senior at East Carolina University (ECU) said, “I think that it is very beneficial to have delivery services especially in times like this when we should not be going out as much.”

To make your life easier we compared the most popular food delivery apps and included some great Greenville, North Carolina exclusive options for safer dining!


DoorDash has a very easy registration process and allows you to enter your address right away to allow your ordering options to be filtered perfectly for you. One cool thing about DoorDash is that they have the option for pickup as well as delivery. That way, if you are not feeling like paying the delivery fee you can easily find a pickup option. There are also lots of options for different kinds of food making it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Delivery fees differ depending on the restaurant location but range anywhere from $1.99 to $4.99.


Similar to DoorDash the registration process is easy and even allows the user to explore the application without an account. One perk to GrubHub is that they are now partnered with ECU! Meaning, you can now order from any on-campus restaurant and even use any meal plan or bank card to check out. Like DoorDash there are options to search for specific kinds of food; this can be found by clicking the search bar. GrubHub is a simpler design that includes filter options at the top and general restaurant options listed on the homepage.


UberEats appears to be very similar to GrubHub in design. The filters at the top help you narrow down anything from dietary needs to max delivery fees making the experience extremely personable. UberEats also has the option to search specific types of food like Japanese, burgers or even a bakery. UberEats seems to have the most extensive category selection of all the applications, including an option for Vietnamese and soul food!

If you find yourself still nervous about getting food delivered to your doorstep during a pandemic, there is no need to worry. Makayla Perkins, a sophomore at ECU and a former driver for DoorDash, said they are very prepared for COVID-19 safety.

“DoorDash sent (me) a dashing kit with COVID-19 requirements that included a DoorDash mask and lots of hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes,” shared Perkins. Perkins also said that DoorDash has handled the COVID-19 situation very well and that many restaurants even asked her to wait in her car while her orders were prepared.

Even with the light at the end of the tunnel for this pandemic, many restaurants in Greenville are still offering special curbside pick-up options. Some restaurants you can find this perk at are The Blackened Kraken Bar & Grill, Christy’s Euro Pub and Smashed Waffles. A few Greenville restaurants even offer no-contact delivery such as Luna Pizza Café and Wings Over Greenville. The options are endless to remain safe in Greenville while enjoying some delicious food!

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