Moment of Magic

Elizabeth Carver from the ECU chapter of Moments of Magic at the "Costume's for a cure" 5k hosted by the Rally for Ally organization last October in Town Common Park off first street

As most people have heard, college is supposed to be “the best years of your life.” Not necessarily because of earning a degree, but because of the connections and friendships you make along the way. While those relationships can come from classes or through the dorms, most Pirates find their life-long friends through the various organizations and clubs offered on campus.

While East Carolina University has over 500 registered clubs, there are numerous unique and interesting organizations that may catch anyone’s eye. From Shakespeare to service, there is something for everyone!


Named after William Shakespeare’s birthplace and final resting place, Pirates Upon Avon strives to educate and entertain all ages about how wonderful Shakespeare’s pieces can be. Not only do they help people understand how to read and perform his works, but they perform the bard’s most famous plays and sonnets themselves! Right now, they are rehearsing and filming anything they produce or host virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. William Shakespeare can truly be for everybody when you have the tools to understand him and his stories for the world.


For many young people, dancing can either be your worst nightmare or the perfect time to be free. Dance Xtensions was formed to allow for the latter option for any students at ECU, regardless of major, gender, age or level of experience. President Jenna Clayton states: “Whether you have danced your whole life or have never taken a class, Dance Xtensions welcomes you with open arms. We strive to provide a safe space for students to explore dance and their potential as dancers.” Under typical circumstances, they would meet on Sunday afternoons, but during these unprecedented times, they are still providing virtual opportunities for a variety of different dance styles. Whether you are a trained dancer, choreographer or complete newbie, it does not matter to be able to join Dance Xtensions.


Whether you are completely new to rock climbing or are a seasoned pro, the ECU Rock Climbing Club might just be the place for you! Although it may look a little different than normal due to current circumstances, the club members are doing everything in their power to create a safe and fun experience for all. Through the ECU REC app, a student can sign up for a specific time to participate, with a mask, in limited groups. As of right now, the wall is only open on Wednesdays from 4-8 p.m. When asked why any student could and should join, the club stated that “climbing is fun [and] the community is very accepting and fun to be around.” All majors are welcome at the Rock Climbing Club!


Over the past couple of decades, the environment’s well-being has become a major concern. ReLeaf @ ECU has taken on the task of helping plant, promote, and protect the urban forest. During normal circumstances, they plan Bob Ross painting nights alongside their typical street clean-ups. While the painting nights have been canceled and events have been moved off-campus, they are still putting in the work to protect our Earth. If interested, their Instagram and Engage will have the most up-to-date information on continuing to see and protect our beautiful world outside.


While everyone is struggling right now, there is one group in particular that the club, A Moment of Magic is helping: medically vulnerable children. A Moment of Magic hopes to restore the magic in those children’s lives by dressing up as their favorite storybook characters! While they traditionally do in-person visits, they have been utilizing video calls with children across the globe. During their Wednesday night meetings at 8:00, President Bridget McLemore encourages anyone to “join the family!”

Even if dancing or rock climbing is not your thing, you will find YOUR thing on campus. These clubs only scratch the surface of what ECU has to offer its students. While many provide future networking opportunities or a way to refine your skills, many of them just give students a chance to let go, forget their worries and have fun! I promise that there is a place out there for anyone and everyone; you just need to do some searching.

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