Reagan Blackburn

The Hook editor Reagan Blackburn introduces this edition of the magazine to readers. 

Hey Pirates!

The past year and a half has been absolutely bonkers, to say the least. We’ve been in “unprecedented times” for so long that I’ve forgotten what normalcy is supposed to feel like as a college student. We are not only continuing to go through a pandemic, but we are also going through a much-needed upheaval of change and growth. But this magazine is not about the COVID-19 pandemic. This magazine is about YOU — all of you Pirates out there.

Throughout this magazine, you will see stories of hope. Stories of change. Stories of love and laughter. Stories of anger. These stories vary because Pirate Nation and everything we have gone through cannot be described by one set of stories. We have triumphed and cheered, but we have also lost and grieved. This magazine represents everything we have gone through, but it also represents everything we still wish to achieve.

Getting the opportunity to create something that I have poured my heart and soul into has been one of the privileges of my college experience. Not necessarily because I was the editor of a magazine, but because I, along with my fellow staff members, have put everything we have into making sure this magazine represents all of Pirate Nation, past and present. We have planned each of these stories carefully and meticulously to ensure we are putting our best foot forward to reach as many Pirates as we can during these crazy times.

On behalf of everyone at Pirate Media 1, we hope you take some well-deserved time to read our publication. To give you a sneak peek of what is to come with this magazine, be prepared to read about fun ways to work out, everyday heroes and how beauty standards are incredibly overrated.

While we try not to acknowledge the overwhelming effects of the pandemic too much in this publication, please believe that we have taken that pain with us through every step of this publication. However, even when things seemed rough, we kept our heads up high! Why? Because we are Pirates, and we are undaunted — always.

With love and excitement,

Reagan Blackburn

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